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  • Welcome to Hydraulic Press Channel.

  • Today, we are going to try crush this adamantium ball

  • And it is by far the hardest bearing ball type of thing that we have crushed

  • And you have to know some really strange people to get hold of one of these, so I’m very excited about this one.

  • But I think I’m going to just place it here, and let’s see

  • And here we go!

  • WHAT THE FUCK?! It’s not doing anything!

  • We have 150 bars and we didn’t do shit, so let’s crank the machine up and use 300 bars.

  • And I think it didn’t explode, so let’s raise the tool up and have a look.

  • Holy fucking shit what happened there?!

  • So the ball is deep inside of my hardened tool and I spent all day making of this so thanks very much.

  • And I think it’s stucked there.

  • And, no, you can not take it out.

  • And I haven’t seen anything go into the hardened steel like this, so it’s really tough.

  • And I think I have to make new tool for the next one.

  • So the adamantium ball didn't explode or get destroyed,

  • but luckily we have our friend here with these sharp adamantium things, which should be much more interesting.

  • So here we go.

  • So let’s go with the full power.

  • Holy shit, I think youre stuck there.

  • What the fuck?! No you are not! That was strange!

  • Holy shit that was intense.

  • I have no idea what happened there.

  • Yeah, it actually cut it into four pieces.

  • The steel baseplate is in four pieces, which is really strange.

  • And holy shit they are clean cuts.

  • Yeah, these are all different pieces now.

  • That adamantium stuff has to be really tough shit to be able to do this.

  • And sharp also.

  • Yeah but, I think we haven't-

  • -we don’t have any more tools to crush, so we have to stop here.

  • So that’s all for today. Thank you for watching and have a nice day!.

  • And for todays extra content

  • We have this Sabretooth Tiger

  • It has really large and sharp teeth and it can attack with them at any moment

  • So we must deal with him!

Welcome to Hydraulic Press Channel.


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油圧プレスによるアダマンチウムの破砕 (Crushing Adamantium with Hydraulic Press)

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