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- Hi everyone!
My name is Tyler Oakley and
this is my video (laughs)
for today.
"Tyler where'd you get that sweater it's so cute!"
So I'm assuming you're asking about the sweater
I wore in my last video.
It's from American Apparel.
If you didn't know, American Apparel is going out of
business so...
I went there and the sales are crazy
so I went and I got every color (laughs)
because that's what I do.
I don't know what happens in my brain,
but when I like something I'm like,
oh I need 40 of those.
I have a black T-shirt from American Apparel.
It's just called I think like the boxer tee
or something like that or the hammer tee.
The hammer tee.
And it's black and it's plain and it fits
and I liked it so much I went back and I bought
like 40 more.
I don't know, I can't help it, I just...
Part of me is thinking, okay, well Steve Jobs is all like
oh you have to simply your life like eliminate all these
options in your life like
every time you have to make a decision
it's taking away from the productivity of your life.
So, I'm like, Oh
He always wore the same outfit everyday to like
get rid of that.
So does what's his head, that one guy who made Facebook,
Mark Zuckerberg.
So I'm like, maybe I'll be productive if I don't have
to figure out what T-shirt to wear so I bought
just one T-shirt and I always just wear the black T-shirt.
Of course the one day I'm not wearing the black T-shirt
I talk about this black T-shirt,
but it's a really good T-shirt and I bought like 40 of them
and I love my T-shirt.
It's a good T-shirt.
What can I say?
Back to your question, where did I get the sweater?
American Apparel.
Devon says, "Tyler, do you have a mole on your wrist?
"Apparently, all gays have moles on their wrists."
I don't have a mole on my wrist.
You probably saw this is what you're referring to.
It's an acorn tattoo.
But I love that you are like jumping to that conclusion
and you are all caps all about it.
"Have you actually read any YouTuber books?"
Yes, I have like every single YouTuber book.
I haven't read all of them yet.
I'm getting through them.
I am just about Josh Sundquist's new book called
Love and First Sight.
He is another YouTuber that I absolutely adore.
So, if you want to listen to it with me,
you can use audible.com/tyleroakley and get your first
30 days for free if you just use that link.
Audible.com is the leading provider of audio books,
original audio shows, comedy, and news.
So you can get anything you possibly want.
They're perfect for driving or when you're at the gym.
Again, go to audible.com/tyleroakley if you want to get
a free 30-day trial.
Thank you so much to audible.com for sponsoring this video.
I have loved you for years now
and I love having our little book club.
So, if you want to join, again, audible.com/tyleroakley.
"What is your favorite thing about moving to a new place?"
Having a dishwasher.
I used to just like
pile my dishes in the kitchen for like a week,
two weeks, and then it would get grotesque
and then I would be like, I hate my life.
It would get to the point where I would get...
This is gonna be so grody...
Tinfoil and put it over a bowl and have my cereal like that
'cause I saw it on like Tumblr or something.
And I would rather do that than have to clean my bowl.
(sighs and laughs) Times were tough.
And like, I just wouldn't use utensils anymore.
I literally just be like, mmm delicious.
I love all this like (stammering).
But now, I'm like, yeah, give me a fork.
Who cares, I'll wash it.
There are things in my new home that I just...
There's no other way to put it, I love it.
Jess wants to know what is my one gay regret.
What is my one gay regret.
I think I was bad at being inclusive to the rest of the
gay community when I was younger.
I think that's really shitty of me.
And not just the other letters and LGBTQ+,
but like also other people within the gay community
like people of color or gays with disabilities
things like that.
I feel like I regret not stepping up my bitch ass up
when it came to being better for my brothers and sisters
and siblings within the LGBTQ+ community.
YanLin says, "Would you ever do an apartment tour?"
I don't know.
Would you guys like to see my new home?
Maybe I will.
Give this video a thumbs up if you want that.
Maybe I would do it.
Alexis says, "Do you ever want to go on tour again?"
I have plans for things that I want to do
in the near future.
But in the meantime, I am actually going to a couple
events that I'm so excited to meet you guys at.
VidCon in America and VidCon in Europe.
So, if you want to go to those, the details on those
are below.
Faith says, "Can you reenact a scene from La La Land?"
Jazmin says, "Will you ever get a carer in politics
"or run for president?"
don't know.
I don't know.
So, the last time I was at the White House,
I got to meet a guy called Kal Penn.
This is him.
He is somebody that went from entertainment to politics
and obviously could just do acting and be good to go.
But he decided to join the Obama administration and
work at the White House and do public service
and it showed me that, you know what,
if I want to do that, I can.
And maybe who knows,
maybe someday I will.
I don't know.
And finally, "Tyler will you come to Idaho because
"we are just a bunch of potatoes and we need
"your happiness."
Listen, I will go where I'm needed, okay?
I will go where I will have the most impact.
But I gotta say, you are really sweet talking me
with that potato talk because I love a sweet potato,
a baked potato, a curly fry, a waffle fry,
even smiley fries.
You know, the frozen ones that they give you in middle
school that are like disgusting even those types of potatoes
I'll live with.
Mashed potatoes, yum, delicious.
I just love potatoes.
So yes, I'm on my way.
So, I think that is all I have for you guys today.
I hope you guys like this video.
If you did, be sure to give it a thumbs up
and if you want to see my latest video,
click right there.
If you want hear my latest podcast, click right there.
Again, you can watch the podcast on full screen
if you get the app.
But yes, that is all I have for you guys today,
I will see you guys very soon.


Quit YouTube For Politics? | Tyler Oakley

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