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  • Turn, Yield, Halt!

  • If you fail you'll know who's... at... fault

  • Of a vehicular... a...ssault

  • As you're doing ze Drusselstein Driving Test Valtz

  • Gas! Shift! Brake! (ooh...)

  • Drinking coffee's a big... mi... stake

  • Try not to plunge into... ze... lake

  • Ven you're doing ze Drusselstein Driving Test Valtz - I'm okay!

  • Use two hands when you steer here

  • Then check in ze mirror

  • Vat you see may be nearer

  • Don't lay on ze horn!

  • See ze traffic cop bossing

  • Pedestrians crossing

  • Never drive ven you're flossing

  • You'll wish you vwren't born!

  • Belt... your... self

  • Only vay to protect... your... health

  • Leave your friends all your hard-earned... wealth

  • If you croak ven you're boldly embarking

  • And parallel parking

  • And acing ze written-

  • Look out for that kitten!

  • No time for high-fiving

  • You're barely surviving

  • The dangerous Drusselstein Driving Test Valtz!

Turn, Yield, Halt!


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フィニアスとファーブの歌 - ドリュッセルシュタイン ドライビングテストワルツ (Phineas and Ferb songs - Drusselstein Driving Test Waltz)

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    朱威丞 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日