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  • I wanted you to see me

  • But for so long, you were blind

  • Now it's time to face tomorrow

  • And leave all that stuff behind

  • Of what would our lives have been like

  • If you'd just given me a sign

  • Cause I like you more than every other

  • Thing I like combined

  • I spent so many summers

  • Hoping something would begin

  • I thought that I was over you,

  • But here I am again

  • What might have been

  • I can't believe that all this time

  • You never said a word

  • Although it's possible you did

  • And I just never heard

  • I never even noticed

  • I guess I wasn't that alert

  • But I must say that in retrospect

  • You were being quite overt

  • And now our endless summer

  • Is finally coming to an end

  • I tried to make the most of everyday

  • But now the years just seem misspent

  • What might have been

  • I could have been your girlfriend

  • I could have been your fella

  • We might have been an item

  • They would have called us Phinabella

  • I would have held the door for you

  • I would have shared my umbrella

  • You could have held my hair back

  • When I was sick with salmonella

  • Sick with salmonella

  • We could have been together

  • All you had to say was when

  • And though I wanted so much more

  • I guess you'll always be my friend

  • What might have been

  • What might have been

  • What might have been

I wanted you to see me


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フィニアスとファーブ「What might have been Been」+歌詞(英語)HD(CC (Phineas and Ferb ''What might have Been'' + lyrics (English) HD (CC))

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