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COMM: 21-year-old Jess and her boyfriend David
have what many would describe as an unusual relationship. Jess enjoys regressing to infancy.
She calls it ‘little space’.
JESS: I like wearing diapers because it’s
an instant regresser. It’s also very comforting. I don’t know, it feels nice to sit with them.
DAVID: When I see Jess wearing diapers, I
kind of feel indifferent.
JESS: I only pee in them. I do not do the
other thing in them, I don’t know like that’s just too far for me. Diapers aren’t really his
thing so much as they are mine but he said he is willing to learn, not changing me out
of a dirty one but like initially putting me in a clean one. So, we’ll see!
DAVID: My favourite thing about being Jess’
daddy is caring for her. Age play is not sexually stimulating to me in any way, shape or form.
It is to other people, but it’s not for me. It makes me happy that she’s happy,
that’s about it.
JESS: For me there is nothing sexual about
my age play or anything like that. For a lot of people it is a fetish or a kink, and it’s
in the sexual BDSM community.
COMM: Jess’ real life childhood was troubled.
JESS: I was abused when I was a toddler. I
guess I think that the age play and everything is stemmed from whatever happened in my childhood.
To get that innocence back that I didn’t have, to re-live it the way that I wanted
to in a more innocent and pure way. On the other hand, I think that I probably would
still be into it even if I wasn’t abused.
COMM: Jess doesn’t just regress to being
a baby, sometimes preferring to be a toddler.
David: Trouble girl.
Jess: Sorry! David: You already did it!
Jess: Can I come out now? David: Yeah!
Jess: Okay!
JESS: So heavy! As a little girl I like to
do a lot of different things. I like to drink out of sippy cups, I like to dance and wear
cute dresses and like tutus and colour in my colouring books.
Jess: Now we can put it on the refrigerator! David: Did you rip it?
Jess: Nooo! David: That’s gonna work.
Jess: No! Daddies are supposed to fix things.
JESS: Listen to cute music, watch kids movies
like Care Bears and stuff like that, play around in makeup that I shouldn’t be playing
around in. I am currently actually looking for a real life babysitter to come over a
couple days a week and actually like go through a bedtime routine with me.
COMM: Jess has a growing fanbase and posts
age play videos for her 25,000 YouTube followers.
JESS: I think all kinds of people watch my
videos for different intentions or purposes. I think I’m kinda trying to reach the spectrum
here, make it more normalised and make people less judgmental. It helped me kind of find
myself and my inner confidence and it adds a lot to my life.
JESS: I do get quite a mixture of hostile
and also inappropriate comments.
DAVID: Well they call me a pedophile, they
make fun of her. Generally, I just ignore them.
Jess: I’m tired. David: I’m more tired.
Jess: I’m more tired!
DAVID: It brings us closer in a way that most
relationships do not.
JESS: I personally feel like age play makes
us stronger as a couple just because it adds an extra element to bond over and it kind
of teaches each other patience and more understanding within the relationship.


Living As An Adult Baby: EXTREME LOVE

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