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- Hi, I'm Jordan.
- Quinta.
- Ochi.
- I'm Hillary and I'm not gonna wear a bra for a week.
- Not gonna wear a bra.
- Somehow going to be braless.
- One of my favorite things to do.
- Woo!
I think I've been wearing a bra for, like, 15 years.
- I like bras, I like wearing them,
I think they're comfortable.
- I'm actually terrified of this week of not wearing a bra.
There are a lot bigger than they normally are
because I am currently nursing.
- If I had smaller boobs, I would never wear a bra.
- I like to pick clothes where I do not have to wear a bra.
- I work out six days a week, sometimes twice a day.
Going without a bra, I am going to feel very exposed.
- Just going up and down the stairs for me
without a bra is an event.
- This is with a bra... how much we're moving.
- Better for everybody if I wear sports bras, I think.
(playful music)
- Take it off, take it off.
- Okay.
- Oh! I'm kinda sweaty right now, so it's a little hard.
- I feel the boob sweat already.
- A little less perky already.
- My nipples are, like,
shooting out through my dress right now.
- This is very comfortable for me,
I'm having the time of my life.
- Ahh, I really hate you for making me do this.
(playful music)
- About 20 minutes in, I went to go pump
and just thinking about pumping,
caused this to happen.
I started leaking, I was mortified.
- All of my shirts seem to be sheer, and white,
and not good to go to work in without a bra.
We've got white linen,
we've got see-through lace, more lace.
Every morning I have left the house with that feeling like
I'm forgetting something, like put on my bra.
- It's actually quite difficult.
Going through my closet
I realized I have a lot of thin fabrics, nothing
that screams "Don't look at my nipples!"
- So I'm walking by, and I'm like,
hey Quinta, you living free?
- And I'm not, I just completely forgot to not
wear a bra today, so I'm going to take it off.
(fast-forward sound effect)
Living free, it's all good now.
Embrace me, Sarah.
- Am I allowed to wear bras when I work out?
- Oh yeah, (beep) you, I'm gonna wear them.
- I just got home from spinning without a bra on,
and it was definitely distracting to have my boobs
jiggling and sweating all over the place,
maybe that's what this is all about.
Like, feeling my boobs, experiencing them
in a new way.
- So I heard Hillary went to a spin class braless,
and props to her, but I'm going to show you why I'm refusing
to work out without a sports bra.
I'm very mobile in the gym, I'm constantly moving around,
sometimes I'm upside down, I'm flinging around,
and I'm lifting weights.
I'm sorry that I didn't try it but I didn't want
to flash my whole gym.
- This is a nightgown, I'm having to tap into clothes
that I didn't know existed because this has two layers.
- [Ochi] One breast is up there,
the other one is down there.
Maybe they were weird and misshapen all my life
and I never knew 'cause I was always wearing a bra,
oh my God.
- I think it made me more confident to be able
to have a meeting in front of men with no bra on.
That was something I was uncomfortable with before,
now I think I can probably tackle a room full of men.
- 'Cause in my mind I'm like
"I bet you everybody knows I'm not wearing a bra"
and probably nobody knows that.
- You probably also haven't just been checking out my racks.
- [Voiceover] Yeah, only the two.
- Everybody who I've mentioned it to was like
"Yeah, no, I have eyes."
(playful music)
- The overall experience was great.
I loved not wearing a bra
and I still love not wearing a bra.
- I wasn't as self-conscious as I thought I was going to be,
I thought I was going to be super paranoid.
- I was interviewing somebody and I looked down,
and just... full cleavage.
And that's not something that I feel comfortable with.
- I'm still having trouble reconciling
my nipple is food for my child and then
when I leave my house,
my nipple is sexual and something very provocative.
- My nipples, turns out, are generally hard.
- And there were times when I was like,
I could cut diamonds right now,
and I hope nobody notices.
- I would love to get to a point where it's very comfortable
if any woman just decided any day
that she didn't want to wear a bra.
- Maybe I'll go to the grocery store with my tits out,
maybe not.
Who knows?
- I still like bras a lot, I still find my bras comfortable,
I still enjoy wearing them.
- And it's not this big revelation,
it's just simple liberation, right,
I just feel good about my body, that is mine.
(playful music)


Women Go Braless For A Week

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