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  • Where's Max? Is Max back this year? Max come here, man. Hey, Max, last year, who remembers

  • Max last year? Well 500,000 people, half a million people watched what turned out to

  • be you and Kyrie in that game. But who won? Kyrie won? Dag-gone it. You think you can get

  • him this year? yeah? Alright. This is a little tradition we're gonna play a game of racks.

  • Dred, you're playin'. We need Dred, Come on Dred. Hey, What's your spot, Dred? What's

  • your spot? Right Here? Dred Irving, played a little international Ball. Kyrie, pick your

  • spot on the court. The Kyrie Irving Racks Game. I'll explain it. What do you need, how

  • old are you now, Max? You gotta back up a little bit, man. We can't have that, right

  • here. Max and Kyrie went at it. Kyrie, it's your camp, wherever you, this where Kyrie...

  • Who thinks Kyrie's allowed to shoot right here? No. back up, they want you to back up

  • a little bit. no. Everbody has their favorite spot. OK. What division are you in? Blue Devils?

  • This year? You still in this one? Alright. Your almost grad, alright I need, commissioner

  • Baker give me one Blue Devil. Here we go. And who's my commissioner, I need one from

  • the older group. We're looking for the last camper standing. What are we playing for?

  • Signed basketball. I'm sorry, a signed 8 by 10. Who's he playing against here. Signed

  • 8 by 10 from Kyrie Irving. OK. All contestants, you guys need to both, you both need to pick

  • a spot. Alight, right here? What's your name? Caitlin.

  • Caitlin.Caitlin's here, where are you going to be? Right here? What's your name?

  • Skyler. Skyler, that's a good basketball name.

  • I'm Kyrie. This is Kyrie. Hey, you know why both have

  • a good basketball IQ, you know what a basketball IQ is? huh? Doesn't matter if sometimes, well,

  • school's first, but if you're a smart basketball player you both are in this side of Kyrie.

  • You do not want to be where Max is. Max, I thought you would know better than that. But

  • Max is right here. And then Dred. Alright. Here we go. Here's how the game works. It's

  • called Racks, a good game, it's pressure shooting. Alright. At the end of the game, Here's who

  • I want the ball in his hands. He likes pressure. He makes it, did you guys see him make some

  • last second shots? So we're going to start of right here. Remind me of your first name

  • again, I'll get it the next time. Caitlin's gonna shoot first. When Caitlin

  • makes it, alright, It's gonna go here to Skyler. Skyler's gonna make it. So you go here to

  • Kyrie. If Kyrie, which is rare, would happen to miss,he would have 2. OK. As soon as you

  • have 4,you're out of the game. So there will be 2 on the rack, and then there will be a

  • free shot here. OK, the game's gotta get going a little bit, so we're gonna start off here

  • with Caitlin.So Caitlin's got a free shot. We'll go here to Skyler. One on the rack to

  • Kyrie. Here we go.Two on the rack to Max. Ooo, Max has two. Alright Max. Free Shot to

  • Dred. Dred's gonna use the back, glass. Free shot here to Caitlin. Caitlin, over here to

  • Skyler. Free shot to Kyrie. Free shot to Kyrie. Right now, Max has two. Alright, a little

  • pressure, man.Kyrie must have been thinking about you in the off season. There we go.

  • Two on the rack to Dred. Dred's got two. Here we go to Caitlin. One on the rack. Two on

  • the rack to Kyrie. Whoa. So three of you guys have two. Here we go to Max, the girls are

  • leading. One on the rack. Well, Dred's in a tough spot. Two on the rack to Caitlin.

  • Three on the rack. Four on the rack. Hold. Five on the rack. Hold on a minute Max, I

  • hate to do this, but they were going so fast. But you know what we do. When you have a chance

  • to go out, we get a good drum roll going. You gotta get a good drum roll going. We gotta

  • put pressure on Max. Max can go out of the game. But I know you can shoot under pressure.

  • I watched the YouTube. Here we go. Do or die to Max. Ohh. Give Max a round of applause,

  • an early exit. He's our last year's champion. Dred it is a free shot to you. Dred has two,

  • Kyrie has two, the girls have nothing. Free shot to Caitlin. Free shot to Skyler. Skyler

  • can shoot it. One on the rack. Ooo. Kyrie's got three. Dred puts one on there. Two on,

  • whoop, free shot. free shot. Caitlin has one. We'll get Kyrie loose here. Here we go. free

  • shot. Free shot all the way around. Alright, , put some pressure on dad here. Dred's got

  • two. Oh, basketball's aren't right. Alright Dred, Dred you could one up him, you know,

  • Here we go. Dred's got three. Pressure shooting for Dred now. Here we go with Caitlin. Caitlin

  • has one. Free shot to Caitlin. One on the rack. Two on the rack. Three on the rack.

  • Oh, Round of applause for Dred. Alright, Caitlin, Skyler and Kyrie. Who thinks they can beat

  • one of the best scorers in the NBA? Can you do it? If you think the girls are going to

  • win, raise your hand. If you think Kyrie's gonna win, raise your hand. Alright, whoever

  • voted against Kyrie, we're playing for pushups. Here we go. Caitlin, you're up. One on the

  • rack. Two on the rack. Three on the rack. Four on the rack. Oh, four on the rack, hold

  • on hold on. We got a little pressure.This, I said this is a pressure game. Let's give

  • her a drum roll. Give Skyler a drum roll. Oh. Round of applause for Skyler. Caitlin,

  • We've helped him with the camp for four years, he's never lost. Are you gonna be the first

  • to ever beat him? No.

  • No? You gotta be confident. Here we go, Caitlin, free shot. One on the rack. What she got there,

  • Adam? Two on the rack. Oh. Hold on. Hold on, Hold on, wait, wait wait. You guys got ahead

  • of me. This is a pressure shot for Kyrie. Kyrie you got your shot now. I need a drum

  • roll. First time he could ever... Oh no no, no I didn't give you the...

  • He's out? Caitlin won it?

  • Give a round of applause for Caitlin. Get your picture with Kyrie.

  • Happened so quick. Shot it quick. I like it.

  • We have our WBNX, Let's give WBNX a big round of applause. We're drawing for a couple baskets,

  • Kyrie if you could pull a name, that would be great. We got two...

Where's Max? Is Max back this year? Max come here, man. Hey, Max, last year, who remembers


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カイリー・アービングNBA対10歳マックスバスケットボールシュートコンテスト。再戦 (Kyrie Irving NBA Vs 10-year-old Max Basketball Shooting Contest: The Rematch)

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