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  • MIKE: Welcome back to Wheeler Dealers, the

  • show that's crazy about classics, and even crazier about finding a profit in them. I

  • bought a Type 40 TARDIS for a right steal. It's time to get it back to the workshop and

  • see what Edd thinks. I got us a TARDIS!

  • EDD: So you did! It's looking pretty good, but why a police box?

  • MIKE: Well, it's got a bit of a problem with the chameleon circuit.

  • EDD: Are you kidding me? MIKE: t's not bad, is it?

  • EDD: It's huge! That could cost us a fortune! MIKE: Have a look inside.

  • EDD: That's a lovely, tidy interior. Let's try to keep that original.

  • And diagnostics are pretty solid. I'm not sure what to make of the navigation

  • system, though. This is more a museum piece than a motor!

  • MIKE: Edd. It'll be a morning's work. I have faith in you.

  • MIKE: It's been a few short moments for me, and a few long weeks for Edd. There's a bit

  • more gray in his hair, but our Type 40 is sorted.

  • We had to shelve the chameleon circuit replacement. It may still look like a 60's police box,

  • but Edd sorted the dodgy nav, and he's got it running quiet as a whisper. Best of all,

  • we're under budget! EDD: I had some real doubts, Mike. Fresh mercury

  • for the fluid links was all the navigation system needed and a rebuilt time rotor has

  • done wonders for performance. It feels really together, really confident. I'm well chuffed

  • about what I could achieve. MIKE: And achieve you did! I reckon there's

  • a marketplace and we will sell this one. I've advertised our Type 40 on a specialist

  • website. First on the phone was this guy, and he seems to know his stuff.

  • So you've looked it over, put your hands to the controls, what do you think?

  • DOCTOR: I've been planning a vacation with my granddaughter to 1963, and this just may

  • be the thing. Yes. This just may be the thing. MIKE: So we have a deal?

  • DOCTOR: We have a deal.

  • EDD: Did he just leave without releasing the handbrake?

  • ANNOUNCER: Tune in next Saturday when Mike

  • brings a 1973 Alien to the workshop. But will Edd be able to turn this sow's ear into a

  • silk purse, and will Mike find a profit?

MIKE: Welcome back to Wheeler Dealers, the


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ウィーラーディーラーズロストエピソードレコン:40型 (Wheeler Dealers Lost Episode Recon: Type 40)

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