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  • Have you ever been asked by your Chinese friend,


  • "What is your zodiac sign?"

    「十二支は何?」と 聞かれたことはありませんか?

  • Don't think they are making small talk.

    当たり障りのない話をしているとは 思わないことです

  • If you say, "I'm a Monkey,"


  • they immediately know

    年齢が 24か 36か 48か 60の どれかだって

  • you are either 24, 36, 48 or 60 years old.


  • (Laughter)


  • Asking a zodiac sign is a polite way of asking your age.

    十二支を尋ねるというのは 失礼にならずに年を聞く方法なんです

  • By revealing your zodiac sign, you are also being evaluated.

    十二支を教えることでまた 値踏みされることにもなります

  • Judgments are being made about your fortune or misfortune,

    運・不運や 性格

  • your personality, career prospects


  • and how you will do in a given year.

    その年が良い年になるかまで 判断されます

  • If you share you and your partner's animal signs,


  • they will paint a picture in their mind about your private life.

    私生活の様子を 想像されることになります

  • Maybe you don't believe in the Chinese zodiac.

    十二支なんて信じていない かもしれませんが

  • As a quarter of the world population is influenced by it,

    世界人口の4分の1が それに影響されているんですから

  • you'd be wise to do something about that.

    頭の片隅に 入れておいた方が賢明です

  • So what is the Chinese zodiac, exactly?


  • Most Westerners think of Greco-Roman zodiac,


  • the signs divided into 12 months.

    1年を12の月に分ける ギリシア・ローマ式の十二宮です

  • The Chinese zodiac is different.


  • It's a 12-year cycle labeled with animals,

    それぞれ動物の名のついた 12年の周期で

  • starting with a Rat and ending with a Pig,

    「鼠」から始まり 「猪」で終わります

  • and has no association with constellations.


  • For example, if you were born in 1975, you are a Rabbit.

    たとえば 1975年生まれなら 「兎」です

  • Can you see your zodiac sign there?

    自分の十二支が どれか分かりますか?

  • Our Chinese ancestors constructed a very complicated theoretical framework

    私たち中国人の祖先は とても複雑な理論体系を作り出しましたが

  • based on yin and yang, the five elements and the 12 zodiac animals.

    その基礎にあるのが 陰陽・五行・十二支です

  • Over thousands of years,


  • this popular culture has affected people's major decisions,

    何千年にも渡って 人々の重要な決断に 影響を及ぼしてきました

  • such as naming, marriage, giving birth and attitude towards each other.

    命名 結婚 出産 お互いに対する態度

  • And some of the implications are quite amazing.


  • The Chinese believe certain animals get on better than the others.

    中国人は動物ごとに 相性があると信じています

  • So parents choose specific years to give birth to babies,

    そして親は子供を産む年を 選ぼうとします

  • because they believe the team effort by the right combination of animals

    適切な動物の組み合わせによる 協同作業が

  • can give prosperity to families.

    家族に繁栄をもたらすと 信じているからです

  • We even refer to the zodiac when entering into romantic relations.

    恋愛関係においてさえ 十二支を参考にします

  • I'm a Pig; I should have perfect romance with Tigers, Goats and Rabbits.

    私は「猪」なので いい恋ができる相手は 「虎」か「羊」か「兎」です

  • Chinese people believe some animals are natural enemies.

    中国人は天敵同士の動物がいると 思っています

  • As a Pig, I need to be careful with a Snake.

    「猪」の私は「蛇」の人に 気を付けなければなりません

  • Raise your hand if you are a Snake.


  • Let's have a chat later.

    後でちょっと 話を付けましょうか

  • (Laughter)


  • We believe some animals are luckier than the others,

    ある動物は他の動物より 幸運だと思われています

  • such as the Dragon.


  • Unlike the Western tradition,


  • the Chinese Dragon is a symbol for power, strength and wealth.

    中国の「龍」は 権力 強さ 富の象徴です

  • It's everyone's dream to have a Dragon baby.

    「龍」の子を持つことは みんなの夢です

  • Jack Ma's parents must have been very proud.

    ジャック・マーの両親は 鼻が高いに違いありません

  • And they are not the only ones.


  • In 2012, the Year of the Dragon,


  • the birthrate in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

    中国 香港 台湾では

  • increased by five percent.

    出生率が5パーセント 上昇しました

  • That means another one million more babies.

    例年よりも100万人余計に 子供が生まれたということです

  • With a traditional preference to baby boys,


  • the boy-girl ratio that year was 120 to 100.

    この年の男女比は 120対100でした

  • When those Dragon boys grow up,

    この「龍」の男の子たちは 大人になったとき

  • they will face much more severe competition in love and job markets.

    恋愛や仕事において より厳しい競争に晒されることになります

  • According to the BBC and the Chinese government's press release,


  • January 2015 saw a peak of Cesarean sections.

    帝王切開の実施数は 2015年1月にピークがありました

  • Why?


  • That was the last month for the Year of the Horse.


  • It's not because they like horses so much,

    「馬」がそんなに好まれているから というわけではなく

  • it's because they try to avoid having unlucky Goat babies.

    子供が不運な「羊」にならないように するためです

  • (Laughter)


  • If you are a Goat, please don't feel bad.

    「羊」の人は どうか がっかりしないで

  • Those are Goat babies.

    この人たちも 「羊」の生まれです

  • They don't look like losers to me.

    負け犬ってことは ないと思いますよ

  • (Laughter)


  • Tiger is another undesirable animal,

    「虎」というのも その激しやすい性格のため

  • due to its volatile temperament.


  • Many Chinese regions saw a sharp decline of birthrate

    これらの年に出生率が 大きく下がる地域が

  • during those years.


  • Perhaps one should consider zodiac in reverse,

    でも 十二支は 逆に考えたほうが いいのかもしれません

  • as those Tiger and Goat babies will face much less competition.

    競争の少ないところで生きられる 「虎」や「羊」の子供達は

  • Maybe they are the lucky ones.


  • I went through the Forbes top 300 richest people in the world,

    フォーブズ誌の世界長者番付 上位300人のリストを調べてみましたが

  • and it's interesting to see


  • the most undesirable two animals, the Goat and Tiger,


  • are at the top of the chart,


  • even higher than the Dragon.


  • So maybe we should consider,


  • maybe it's much better to have less competition.

    それだけ好ましいこと なのかもしれません

  • One last but interesting point:


  • many Chinese people make their investment decisions

    中国人の多くは 投資の決断を

  • based on the zodiac sign index.

    十二支の指標に基づいて行う というのがあります

  • Although the belief and tradition of the zodiac sign


  • has been over thousands of years,


  • the trend of using it in making major decisions

    それが重要な決断に 使われるようになったのは

  • did not really happen until the past few decades.


  • Our ancestors were very busy surviving poverty, drought,

    ご先祖たちは 貧困や干ばつや飢饉や暴動や

  • famine, riot, disease and civil war.

    疫病や内戦の中を生き抜くので 手一杯でした

  • And finally, Chinese people have the time, wealth and technology

    中国の人々はようやく ずっと望んでいた理想の生活をするための

  • to create an ideal life they've always wanted.

    時間と富とテクノロジーを 手にしたのです

  • The collective decision made by 1.3 billion people

    13億の人々が 集団的に下す決断は

  • has caused the fluctuation in economics and demand on everything,

    医療や教育から 不動産や消費財に到るまで

  • from health care and education to property and consumer goods.

    あらゆるものの需要や経済に 変動を引き起こします

  • As China plays such an important role in the global economy and geopolitics,

    世界経済や地政学的問題において 中国が大きな役割を果たす今

  • the decisions made based on the zodiac and other Chinese traditions

    十二支やその他の中国の伝統に 基づいてなされる決断が

  • end up impacting everyone around the world.

    世界のあらゆる人に 影響を及ぼしています

  • Are there any Monkeys here?


  • 2016 is the Year of the Monkey.


  • Monkeys are clever, curious, creative and mischievous.

    「猿」は賢くて 好奇心が強く 創造的で いたずら好きなんですよ

  • Thank you.


  • (Applause)


Have you ever been asked by your Chinese friend,



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