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hello everyone and welcome back to
english with Lucy now I've got a mixture
of a grammar and pronunciation and
vocabulary lesson for you today
today we're going to be talking about
the 25 most common irregular verbs in
the English language honestly learning
the irregular verbs isn't a very
exciting experience but if you want to
learn to speak English you have to do it
if you can master the pronunciation and
the correct form of the top 25 irregular
verbs then you will be a step closer to
fluency and a step closer to speaking
English like a native speaker
this video will be quite similar to my
top 100 word pronunciation video the
link of which you can find in the
description box I'm going to pronounce
the infinitive form the past simple and
the participial twice for each verb and
i'll give you time to repeat after me
now I've said before the absolute best
way of learning to speak like a native
is by imitating so I want you to copy or
to imitate me so I'm going to say the
three forms and I want you to repeat
them with me I'll say them again and
then you repeat again
now the reason I'm saying all three
together is because i want you to get
them stuck in your head I want you to
learn them in that order you will be
much more likely to remember them if you
learn all three together so let's get
number one to be be was were been be
was were been then we have to have have
had had have had had the next one number
3 to do do did done do did done
number 4 to say say said said say said
said number 5 to Go Go went gone go went
gone number 6 to get get got got get got
got number 7 to make make made made make
made made number 82 no no new known no
new known number 92 think think thought
thought think thought thought number ten
to take take took taken take took taken
number 11 2 c.c saw seen see-saw seen
number 12 to come come came
come-come came come number 14 to give
give gave given give gave given number
15 to tell tell told told tell told told
number 16 to feel feel felt felt feel
felt felt number 17 to become become
became become become became become
number eight
mean to leave Leave left left leave left
left number 19
I like this one to put put put put put
put put number 22 mean mean mint mint
mean mint mint number 21 to keep keep
kept-kept keep kept-kept number 22
i also like this one to let let let let
let let let number 23 to begin begin
began begun begin began begun number 24
to show to show showed shown show showed
shown and number 25 to hear hear
heard heard here
heard heard ok so those are the 25 most
common irregular verbs in English and i
will do another video on the next 25 so
26 to 50 very very soon but i think it
better for you guys to do it in short
you're not going to remember suddenly a
hundred and fifty words so best to stick
with 25 right now that's three lots of 25 i
hope you enjoyed the lesson just
a reminder that if you liked this
pronunciation class then you will love
my free live pronunciation lesson
it's every sunday at four thirty london
time on my facebook page English with
Lucy don't forget to connect with me on
all of my social media which is all here
in front of my face and I'll see you for
another English lesson very very soon


PERFECT the TOP 25 IRREGULAR VERBS | British English Pronunciation

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