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  • (upbeat music)

  • - Since arriving in Seattle, I've been admiring Mt. Rainier

  • from afar, but today, we're leaving the city

  • to experience it up close.

  • (upbeat music)

  • - We looked at Mt. Rainier today.

  • We're going to see some amazing sights.

  • Going to see some glaciers.

  • We're going to see one of the tallest mountains

  • in the lower 48 states, some big old growth trees,

  • some waterfalls, and some amazing things.

  • - Whoa!

  • This is Christine Falls and just look at how the water

  • has carved its way through the rock face

  • and really smoothed out certain spots.

  • It's postcard perfect.

  • (upbeat music)

  • We've stopped to learn about this massive tree.

  • It's a nurse tree because it's fallen

  • and now is nourishing all of the trees and growth

  • and mushrooms around them.

  • When you arrive at Paradise,

  • you're getting some time on your own.

  • So you can have lunch but also, make sure you head off

  • and explore some of the pathways that take you through

  • the trees and the different nature.

  • It's just stunning out here.

  • (upbeat music)

  • At over 14,000 feet, Mt. Rainier is the tallest mountain

  • in Washington State.

  • It has been a glorious day heading out of the city

  • to the Cascades to take in the exceptional nature

  • of this National Park.

  • And then just as we're about to leave,

  • Mt. Rainier popped out of the clouds.

  • I can go home happy.

(upbeat music)


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シアトル発レーニア山日帰りツアー (Mt. Rainier Day Tour from Seattle)

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