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  • (gentle techno music)

  • (romantic accordion music)

  • - Bonjour, and welcome to Paris.

  • As we all know, Paris is famous for cheese,

  • chocolate, wine and bread.

  • And of course the monuments like this behind us.

  • - I think we're gonna have a great time here, Asha,

  • but if we don't go right now,

  • we are gonna miss it.

  • So let's (snaps) go!

  • Everywhere you go,

  • there is something to look at.

  • It is stunningly beautiful.

  • The Citroen Indy car ride is such a rush.

  • We're seeing all the major sites,

  • Champs Elysees, Notre Dame,

  • everything you could ever want to see,

  • and you're seeing it in style.

  • Let's go check out this thing.

  • Eiffel Tower, baby!

  • You have a view of everything.

  • The church over there, Montemartre,

  • the Seine River, the boat's goin' around,

  • it's a beautiful, clear day.

  • Hello, hello.

  • This is one of the most relaxing boat tours

  • I've ever been on.

  • And my favorite part was looking at all the people

  • on the banks of the Seine River,

  • drinking a bottle of wine, holding each other's hands.

  • There's a lot of love in this city.

  • (inspirational accordion music)

  • - I'm just outside Paris in Giverny,

  • which is famous because Monet lived here,

  • and I'm gonna go check out his gardens.

  • I understand now why he was so inspired.

  • These gardens are beautiful.

  • I feel like I'm walking through one of his paintings.

  • I'm in the Garden of Versailles right now,

  • and this place is gigantic.

  • - Riding a bike around Versailles is probably

  • the best way to see it,

  • because when you're on a bike,

  • you can actually go to all these hidden pockets

  • and fountains.

  • You can ride down the Grand Canal.

  • Awesome.

  • Do you smell that?

  • You can't smell it, but I can.

  • I'm goin' into a bakery to meet some people

  • to show me how to make baguettes and pastries.

  • And it is so incredible to watch each one of these guys

  • work their craft.

  • And it does look like art.

  • Art that you can eat is the best kind of art.

  • - Wine tasting techniques.

  • - Being at a French wine tasting when a sommelier

  • is teaching me about the wine

  • makes me feel much more empowered

  • when I go to a restaurant now.

  • (yelling)

  • I've never experienced something like

  • Paradis Latin before.

  • They're colorful, they're flying all over the stage,

  • they're kicking their legs into the air,

  • and it's such a spectacle to watch.

  • This place is classy, it's romantic,

  • and it is picturesque.

  • - It is everything I thought it would be,

  • and I am gonna miss Paris.

  • We are definitely coming back.

  • - Au revoire.

  • (romantic French music)

(gentle techno music)


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