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It was another mild day with bearable temperatures in the capital despite the cloudy conditions.
For more, here is Lee Jee-hyun at the weather center.
Hello Conn-young Yes, conditions were cloudy in Seoul, but it was an eventful day across
the country as there were also rainy and snowy conditions depending on where you were today.
Hope all the precipitation lets up just in time for the weekend
Well, clouds have been dropping mix of rain and snow on the southern provinces all day
long but they've been dissipating as the day went by. So except Jeju island the rest of
the country will wake up to a dry but cloudy morning.
But heavy snow advisory has been issued for the eastern parts of Gangwondo province with
up to 10 centimeters of snowfall expected until tomorrow. And Jeju island will see up
to 10 millimeters of more rain by tomorrow evening.
And as for temperatures here in Seoul, readings will drop slightly compared to today but the
mercury will still remain above the seasonal norms topping out at 4 degrees Celsius, so
let's take a closer look at the readings for tomorrow, checking on the lows first.
Seoul and Daejeon will start out at minus 2 degrees Celsius, Busan and Jeju kick off
at 3 and 6.
As for the daily highs, Seoul and Daegu will peak at 4 degrees Celsius,
Busan and Jeju will rise to 9 and 8.
Enjoy these mild conditions while they're here, as things will start to get colder again
on Sunday with the low in Seoul dropping to minus 6, and plunging even more to minus 8
on Monday.
That's Korea for you and here's a look at weather conditions around the world.


Cold snap to return on Sunday

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