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  • It's right in the center of Spain, where all the roads and main railway lines converge.

  • It's the biggest and most lively city.

  • It's the capital. It's Madrid!

  • It has that artistic taste and some of the world's most famous museums.

  • The Madrilenians work very hard but know how to live well.

  • Here, people eat very well, love going out at night, and enjoy the best of life!

  • They enjoy going out with friends for "cañas and tapas".

  • This is Barrio de Salamanca, one of the best Madrid quarters.

  • It's full of bars, shops and restaurants.

  • Our school is very well located, close to the centre. Here we are!

  • Here we have the classrooms.

  • They are very comfortable and spacious because the groups are small.

  • We have 10 or 12 students per class on average

  • all of them at the same level.

  • We offer Spanish courses for all levels,

  • from beginners, who have never studied the language,

  • to the most advanced ones. We also offer courses of special interest,

  • such as culture courses, Spanish cinema courses,

  • or Spanish business language, for people who need it in their job.

  • The atmosphere in this school is wonderful,

  • because it's a new school and there are many people here who are really kind and happy, too,

  • and there's a lot of sun and a lot of light here, so it's,

  • yes, it's very nice to study here!

  • The classes are very amusing because

  • here you have different classes, like Communication.

  • And also the i-Lab, a class where we use computers a lot!

  • In Madrid, the students can enjoy two different kinds of accommodation.

  • I live with a family here in Madrid, and I like this very much.

  • The family normally cooks the typical food from Spain,

  • like "paella", "gazpacho" and different kinds of salads,

  • and that's very delicious. I love it!

  • It's very interesting to talk to them, cause they know many things about Spain!

  • We are living in the students residence

  • and we like it a lot because we feel really free.

  • There are students coming from all

  • over the world. It's very international.

  • Each day we schedule visits for the students who want to do things together.

  • We go to see a football match with Real Madrid

  • or Atlético, and we visit all places of interest.

  • The other day we were in Toledo, which is the ancient capital of Spain,

  • and it's very beautiful, very special.

  • It has very beautiful streets, and it has different styles,

  • arab style, very classical Spanish style,

  • Yes, I liked it very much, it's a beautiful city.

  • I like Madrid very much because you have a bit of everything,

  • and also there is a lot of culture and art.

  • The architecture is very beautiful, you have many museums and many terraces.

  • And Madrid has many parks, and that's something I like a lot, too,

  • that you can relax, read a book, whatever.

It's right in the center of Spain, where all the roads and main railway lines converge.


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