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  • Today we are counting down my Top 5 favorite Taiwanese Dramas.

  • Starting off at number 5 we have a drama that is based on of a Japanese Manga.

  • It's (kiss) They Kiss Again.

  • This drama is the sequel to "It Started with a Kiss". "It Started with a Kiss" was the Cinderella story.

  • And They Kiss Again is what happens after the happily ever after.

  • "It Started with a kiss", "They Kiss Again" ha ha ha ha... yeah, it is not that funny.

  • Our main couple is a man going to medical school, and a woman who is training to be a nurse.

  • And all the problems that happen after they get married. Their works schedules are busy, their studies schedules are busy.

  • And they are facing the issue that everyone faces after they get married, or basically most people anyways.

  • Are they going to have kids?

  • And because it is about a married couple, there are some pretty hot and steamy scenes in there. I recommend it.

  • Old school clashes with new school in our number 4 pick, Bullfighting.

  • Bullfighting in this case is not traditional bullfighting like we think of in Spain and Latin American countries.

  • We are talking about 3 on 3 street basketball. Mike He plays a basketball star who just happens to be really sexy.

  • And falls in love with the mob bosses daughter played by Hebe of the mango pop group "She".

  • There are some great basketball scenes in this one.

  • You have this old traditional mob boss with this young and beautiful daughter who happens to fall in love with this really cute guy who is rich and his family is trying to buy out their street.

  • And there is a little side story she gets a short hair makeover.

  • And as you can tell, I dig the short hairs.

  • For my number 3 pick some people may disagree with me, but this was the drama that remained on my MP3 player that I watched on repeat over and over again for years.

  • Devil Beside You. This one actually has a pretty disturbing storyline.

  • It is about these two kids in college and one of them is an art student.

  • He is a total devil but his dad is the principal which is why he gets away with murder.

  • And his dad is marrying this girls mother that he is falling in love with.

  • The main characters in this one are Mike He and Rainy Yang. I know that I already mentioned Mike He in the last one.

  • But he is one of my favorite actors so I cannot help it.

  • And, he has great chemistry with Rainy.

  • Such great chemistry. That this was the first of several dramas that they made together including "Why Why Love".

  • And while I also really do love "Why Why Love", hahaha. Yeah, I know, I love "Why Why Love", "Devil Beside You" was the drama that started it all.

  • Oh, and did I mention Mike He is Sexy? Chosen for 2 dramas.

  • And despite the John Stamos mullet in this one, he plays the devil and AWWWWW the heaven's opened up.

  • And Mike He stands there like AWWW. [gasp] Oh, Mike He. In my point of view, he totally wins the drama contest with all Asian actors.

  • He is the man for Asian dramas. More than Jang Geun Suk. [record scratch]

  • You're gonna break some young teenagers hearts saying that I think. I know.

  • Coming in at number 2 we have "Fated to Love You".

  • In this one a really rich dude goes on a cruise with his loved one

  • And ends up in the wrong hotel room, and sleeping with this nerdy office girl who, surprise, gets knocked up. So he takes the pregnant girl to his home.

  • But he still doesn't break up with his beautiful dancer girlfriend. They get to know each other a little bit better.

  • And...of course he starts to have a little bit of feelings for the geeky girl.

  • Just in time for her to leave and then him to chase after her. Hello Drama!

  • But seriously, if you can get through the first 2 episodes which are over the top cheesy.

  • I think it is a fantastic show. It is definitely one of my all time favs.

  • Topping the list at number 1 we have Autumns Concerto. [crowd applause] It has got everything you typically think of in a drama.

  • It has got health problems, babies born out of wedlock, people with memory loss.

  • Girls getting saved from abusive relationships, the importance of families.

  • And a rich guy falling in love with a very poor girl. I admit it, it's cliche.

  • But when you are watching it, it does not seem cliche at all. The story is woven together so perfectly.

  • And it is filmed so artistically that it is simply exquisite. Its star is Vaness Woo, who is like the Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp of Taiwan.

  • But the real star of this one is the very cute, adorable, you just want to hug him "Xio Xio Bin".

  • It is one of the best filmed dramas I have ever seen.

  • It is actually my favorite drama of all time. And there you have it.

  • And that is it for my favorite Taiwanese Dramas. I put out Top 5 videos every Friday.

  • This particular top 5 theme did not come from a recommendation,but I have received a few recommendations for Top 5 themes already.

  • So look for those in the upcoming Top 5 episodes.

  • If your recommendation is chosen I'll give you a shout out in my next video.

  • You can check me out on my Facebook page Hallyu Back. Please like and favorite this video.

  • And do not forget to subscribe to my channel for more Top 5 and TOAD adventures. Hallyu Back!}

Today we are counting down my Top 5 favorite Taiwanese Dramas.


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