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The "Big Brother" Complex - Asian
Hey, babe! Here's your half-caf mocha latte, just the way you like it.
Thank you.
Awww that's so cute! He knows exactly what you like.
Of course! He's my oppa.
Right? Oppa?
Umm hmm.
The "Big Brother" Complex - Western
Hey, Yi! I got you a coffee to help you stay awake while we study.
Oh wow, that's so thoughtful.
Aww, that is so cute! You know, you guys will make the cutest couple!
What, Dan? No way! He's like my older brother, man! Right, bro? Pound it!
Blind Date/ Fix Up - Western
- Oh, and he has the cutest dog! - No!
His name is Milky, you're gonna love him.
Hi, ladies! How you're doing?
Oh hey Dan! Dan, this is Felicia. Felicia, Dan.
Bye, Mia!
So uhh, she's told a lot about you.
Blind Date/ Fix up - Asian
Dan, I want you to meet Mrs. Huang's daughter.
Mia, this is Dan.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, Mia.
So, Mia here, she's very smart. She's a violin virtuoso, and she's in the law school!
Mia, Dan is pre-med!
We should all go to dinner, yea?
Yea, let's go! Let's go!
I guess we should...go?
I guess.
Getting To Know Each Other - Western
Hey, Dan!
Hey, Felicia!
- How're you doing? - Good!
Very nice to meet you.
Did you find this place okay?
Yea, this is super cute!
Getting To Know Each Other - Asian
Hey Yi, thanks so much for coming out. I'm having such a great time.
Yes, this is totally fun.
We should uh..do it again some time.
Yea, your friends are cool too!
I know, aren't they great?
Outfits - Western
(Realizing wearing the same clothes)
- I think I have a vest in my car I'll probably go grab it. - I think I have another sweater in the office I'm gonna go get it.
Outfits - Asian
(Realizing wearing the same clothes)
- Why are you so cute! - You're so cute! You're too cute!
We both are cute!
Wing Woman/Man - Western
Hey, you wanna go talk to them over there?
Yea, let's go.
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!
Hey, ladies! Have you met Dan?
Wing Mom - Asian
Oh my gosh! Are you okay?
What's your name?
Uh Dan.
- Dan, meet my daughter Mia. - Mom, are you okay?
Mia, this is Dr. Dan. Mom out.
- Ehh hi. - Hi.
Ehh, Dr. Dan. I mean, Dr. Chen. I mean, Dr. Dan Chen.
Ask Them Out - Western
Ohh, sorry!
Thank you.
No problem.
Hey, are you new here?
Ehh yeah, emm I'm from Australia. This is my first day.
Oh, I'm Dan. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, I'm Felicia.
Yeah. Hey, if you need anything, let me know.
Yea! Well actually, this has always been crazy to figure out so that would be nice!
Well, I could show you around.
Yea? Okay.
Yea, how about tonight?
Okay, and then maybe afterwards we can get a drink.
Yea, that sounds nice.
Alright, maybe 7?
Ok, it's a date.
- Alright. - Alright.
-Bye. - Bye.
Ask Them Out - Asian.
Hi, I'm Yi. I'm new here, nice to meet you.
Oh. Hey, I'm Dan. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Dan.
Yea, pleasure's all mine.
Alright, I'll see you around. Bye.
Yea, see you around...
One Year Later
Two Years Later...
Hey Yi! So how's New York?
I like it. I mean, Dan, I moved here two years ago. So...
Three Years Strong...
It's NOW or NEVER!
Yi, I have to tell you something. I can't wait any longer.
No, no, me first.
You have to come to my goodbye party tonight.
What? Where are you going?
I'm actually getting transferred back to California.
No... I have so much that I have to tell you.
Well then tell me tonight at the party, okay? I'm heading out right now, see you then.
Love Confession - Western
Hey, Yi!
Hey, what's up!
Hey, umm, this is gonna sound kind of awkward but I have to confess something.
Well, we've been working for a while now, right?
And I have to tell you I have the biggest crush on you.
Like massive.
- Really? - Yea.
Wow, why didn't you say something before?
Well, you know. I didn't know what your status was, if you had a boyfriend or not...
Ahh I see. Well, I'm glad you said something because I actually feel the same way.
Really? Wow. Umm, okay.
How about we get something to eat outside of work some time?
Yea, I would like that.
Oh yea see you later.
Love Confession - Asian
Mia, you're so lovely.
Your hair is dark like black sesame.
Your eyes are so brown like a walnut.
Your skin is so fair like a steamed bun.
Huh, I'm getting hungry. Where is this going?
I wish I could write a poem that rhymes, but nothing rhymes for Mia except chia...seed.
This cactus is for you because you are beautiful and resilient like a cactus.
May you always be prickly only to be gazed upon from a distance.
This is the weirdest note that I've ever gotten.
WHO left this for me?
Dan, was that you?
Ummm maybe?
But how did you know that cactus was my favorite plant?
And chia seed pudding? Favorite breakfast!
Yea, we're obviously meant to be together!




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