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  • Corny-gie Hall Presents

  • A Corny Concerto

  • Greetings, music lovers. [laughs]

  • First, we will hear a waltz written by Johann Strauss. [laughs]

  • And as we hear the rhythmic strains of the haunting refrain,

  • listen to the whistling rhythm of the woodwinds

  • as it rolls around and around, and it comes out here.

  • [laughs]

  • Tales from the Vienna Woods

  • [sniffing]

  • [crying]

  • [screams]

  • Wasn't that lovely?

  • And now we will present the beautiful Blue Danube.

  • [laughs]

  • Blue Danube

  • A-A-A-A-A...

  • Achoo!

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Corny-gie Hall Presents


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コーニー協奏曲(1943年 (A Corny Concerto (1943))

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