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  • Hi, my fellow fatties! This is fatso!

  • Lately I was asked how to upload an edited recording to the VoiceTube daily pronunciation challenge.

  • So this video is intended to be a short tutorial for that.

  • But before I get down to business and answer the question

  • I think maybe I should spend a minute talking about VoiceTube

  • VoiceTube, unlike the other Tube that you are used to visit for all sort of fun videos,

  • is a website dedicated to English-learning community in Taiwan.

  • It has all sorts of features, but the most important one of all is,

  • like how their motto suggests, learning English through videos.

  • You can find over 40,000 videos on the website and watch them with bilingual subtitles.

  • You can repeat a single sentence, over and over, until it gets really annoying.

  • You can also do a voiceover for every sentences in a video and then download a mp3 file

  • made of your own vocal sound so you can hear yourself talking while you fall asleep,

  • provided that your are narcissistic and obsessed with your deep, charming voice.

  • You can join the community and interact with other people and find a language learning buddy.

  • The daily pronunciation challenge corner allows you to record and upload the selected sentences from different videos every day.

  • This is the part where you get to put your English enunciation skill under the spotlight and be subjected to other’s judgment.

  • You can also find an attention-seeker here who tries way too hard and desperately need approval from other people.

  • With all jokes aside, I enjoy my experience here.

  • The participation is spontaneous and you get positive feedbacks here most of time.

  • Now, back to the topic.

  • How do I upload an edited recording to the daily pronunciation challenge page.

  • You see, the website has this recording function that doesn’t allow you to go back and edit your recording.

  • You can only preview your recording and decide if you want to do it all over again.

  • If you are like me, who can’t tolerate the hissing background noise from your crappy, cheap microphone,

  • it’s pretty natural to turn to the noise reduction function of audio software.

  • And while you are there, you figure why not throw in some background music to jazz it up.

  • Before you realized it, your simple recording of a few sentences has turned into this crazy composition with tracks of voiceover, background music, and sound effects.

  • After you pulled the mp3 file from the audio software, here comes the question.

  • How do you upload your masterpiece to the VoiceTube?

  • The first instinct is to put your microphone next to you speaker and press record,

  • but let’s face it. This is not an ideal way

  • cause you are gonna sound like you are buried under sand.

  • Here’s how. First, go down to the audio icon in your system tray, right-click it,

  • and go torecording devicesto open up the setting pane.

  • Click on the blank area, and checkShow Disabled DevicesandShow Disconnected Devices”.

  • You should see a “Stereo Mixoption appear. Right click on theStereo Mixand clickEnableto use it and make sure you set it as default device.

  • Now, you can try to play your mp3 file. You should see rising and dropping on the volume bar here.

  • This means now whatever noise that’s coming out of your speaker can be recorded down.

  • Now, back to the daily pronunciation challenge page.

  • Click on the recording button and immediately play your mp3 file.

  • Once the file is finished playing, click to stop recording.

  • Check your recording and make sure it’s not too loud.

  • If it’s too loud you can turn down the volume and make a recording again.

  • Personally, I prefer using 56% of the volume, but I am still looking for the best ration

  • Now you can upload your edited recording to the VoiceTube. Easy peasy.

  • And don’t forget to set your default recording device back to microphone if you plan to use it later.

  • So here you go. That’s how you upload your edited recording to the VoiceTube.

  • However, based on the soundcard you use, there might not be a stereo mix option.

  • In this case, you can always go putting your microphone next to your speaker.

  • So what you sound like you are buried under sand.

  • That hollow and echo sound may just be the thing you need to sound mystic.

  • There’s also another way that you can simply connect your audio output and your microphone input with an audio cable.

  • But I’ve never done it, so let me know how that goes.

  • This tutorial only applies to the PC users.

  • Sorry for the android and apple users.

  • Thank you for watching. Fatso out!

Hi, my fellow fatties! This is fatso!


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編集した録音をVoiceTubeにアップロードする方法 (How to upload edited recording to VoiceTube)

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