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President Obama: Well, the White House is the people's house.
Michelle and I and the girls, we understand that we're here for a limited time,
and we're here because we have this incredible privilege of serving the American people
and looking after them and what they are concerned about.
I think everybody, the first night they spend in the White House, are a little overwhelmed.
You know, the White House is such an icon in American life and around the globe,
and the notion that you'd be sleeping in a bed inside of it,
is a little bit intimidating.
And, at least when you've got a couple kids,
you pretty much get into a routine because you know that you're going to have to figure out how to wake them up,
and make sure they get to school on that first day.
So, the transition was smooth, but that first night you kind of wake up with a start a little bit and say to yourself,
"My goodness, what am I doing here?"
Everyday, although you consider it the place you live
I think you're very mindful that this is a place of history
that this is a place that belongs to the people and to the country.
As much as you want to feel comfortable in that place
you also want to feel a little bit of reverence,
for the fact that down these halls
Lincoln has walked, and in these rooms FDR has made decisions that had impacts around the world.
While you're here, you're maybe part of the first family,
but once your term's up you're going to be a citizen once again.
And that, I think, it both humbling, but extremely gratifying
because it reminds us that this is a democracy
and those who come into this office are here temporarily
and someday soon there's going to be somebody else who takes up that mantle,
and you just make sure that during the time that you're here
you're doing the best you can to serve the people who've sent you.



オバマ大統領一家の住まいを覗く ( A Look Inside the First Family's Residence )

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