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  • Welcome, today well be looking at Tableau, a software that produces interactive data

  • visualization focusing on business intelligence. This video is brought to you by TechnologyAdvice.

  • Our mission is to educate, advise and connect buyers of business technology and one of the

  • ways we do so is by providing unbiased reviews.

  • This video review is for Tableau, software that helps companies connect to almost any

  • database, drag and drop to create visualizations, and share with a click.. The Goal of Tableau

  • is to make big data accessible to ordinary people.

  • Tableau is a software company that currently offers three soltuions, Desktop, server, and

  • online. By presenting data through software that uses the latest technologies, Tableau

  • aims to assist their clients in using data to solve their problems.

  • There are two main configuration options for Tableau., Tableau Server is an on-premise

  • installation and is geared primarily for companies looking for more specific integrations such

  • as core licensing or custom branding. First up were going to take a quick peek

  • at Tableau online, the cloud version of the platform.

  • This opportunity Dashboard is data collected from Salesforce. Here users can see a variety

  • of information based on various leads by location, type, and industry. There’s also a neat

  • chart that displays opportunities and win rate. The data can be easily filtered based

  • on creation date and the status of an opportunity.

  • Across the top users can choose to download the data or subscribe to a specific dashboard.

  • It’s also possible to refresh data in the dashboard or even pause automatic updates.

  • Users also have the ability to share the dashboard as an image, data, or PDF. You can edit a

  • specific window and determine dimensions, measures, columns, and rows alongside a variety

  • of information. These customizations are really helpful for users trying to see exactly what

  • they’d like to get out of Salesforce. Sorting data by deal size, win rate, and more can

  • be really helpful to determine future sales strategies. Lastly, users can choose between

  • remembering changes to different windows or sharing the dashboard.

  • The next Salesforce dashboard accessible for users is the sales dashboard. It’s here

  • that users can drill down into which sales teams or sales people are most effectively

  • closing deals. Total sales and average deal size across the top give helpful insights

  • into the sales pipeline. Similarly to the previous dashboard, users can choose the edit

  • button at the top and zoom into various windows to see much more specific data about their

  • previous sales.

  • Another simple but powerful integration is with Google Analytics. The first dashboard

  • entitled traffic trends breaks down web traffic over time and by geography. The second called

  • page metrics looks at traffic to web pages and sections. Users can easily point at their

  • own data by choosing "connect to data" and following the on-screen instructions to replace

  • the data sources and customize the dashboard.

  • Lastly Tableau can be used to build custom dashboards such as SAT performance, oil well

  • management, home runs, and more. It’s often as simple as plugging in an .xlsx excel document

  • with the data you intend to visualize.

  • Made for enterprises, Tableau is available for a high-price point.

  • A few limitation we noticed and confirmed from reviews on our website is the application

  • can be sluggish when paired with large amounts of data. Also formatting can be relatively

  • difficult when trynig to create a page that looks differently than their initial templates.

  • In summary, Tableau helps businesses: 2) Better see and understand their data

  • 3) Help anyone see and understand their data 1) Drag and drop visualization that can be

  • shared with a click

  • To find out more about Tableau or other business intelligence software, check out our website

  • where we can help you find technology that will fit the needs of your work.

  • Thanks for watching!

Welcome, today well be looking at Tableau, a software that produces interactive data


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