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  • What's up guys, it's Jeffrey, how's everybody doing?

  • So, I don't often get to see my grandparents, because they live kind of far.

  • But that's cool, because when I do get to see them, which is usually during the holidays.

  • It's actually pretty fun updating them on my life stories and what I do for work, because they're really supportive.

  • [French] That's what I do for work on the internet.

  • [French] I didn't understand anything. You understood anything?

  • [French] Oh he was talking?

  • Ok, maybe they don't understand everything, but I guess that's normal, because, I mean, there is a generation gap.

  • But now that I think about it, I wonder how they describe me to their friends.

  • So what does your grandson do?

  • Well my grandson?

  • Something with cameras, bedroom, a little bit of fun and then that goes on the internet for people to watch.

  • Ah, heard of those. That's really popular nowadays.

  • Is he happy though?

  • Oh yeah, he says he loves it.

  • Ah well, that's all that matters, isn't it?

  • (Huh, never thought I'd meet somebody that does pornography.)

  • Yeah... no.

  • Also, you know what else they don't understand? Technology!

  • Every time I see my grandparents, they always have to ask like a million questions about a new gadget they got.

  • The problem is... it takes a little bit too long for them to master it.

  • Hey, Jeff. Huh?

  • Do you know how to work this camcorder?

  • Grandpa, just press the "on" button, and then record. It's the red button.

  • Huh? I don't see neither.

  • What the heck is that?

  • This beauty? Got this camcorder ten years ago, finally learned how to charge the battery.

  • I think he needs a new camera.

  • But I guess I can't be mad at that, either.

  • I mean, they didn't grow up with technology, and amongst all my family, my grandparents lived in the most poverty where they grew up in Madagascar.

  • And because of that, it was always hard to not be humbled around them.

  • Jeffrey, can you put the dirty laundry in the washing machine?

  • Dad, I'm playing a video game right now.

  • I already shot like twenty people, that's like my world record. Can't you just ask mom?

  • Oh, I remember I used to hand-wash my laundry by the river, a man threatened to shoot me once, so I gave him all my clothes.

  • You see what I mean?

  • It's crazy to think that some of our grandparents been through so much during their lifetime.

  • Like my grandparents lived through such a long and hectic life that nowadays, there's not a lot of things that faze them anymore.

  • Five, four, three, two, one... Good night.

  • Happy New Year! Shh.

  • One thing that's the best though is since my grandparents are in their retirement, umm...I don't have to worry about food anymore.

  • Jeffrey, food is ready.

  • All right, have a seat. Wait. Didn't you just say food was ready?

  • What do you mean?

  • That's why I love my grandparents, among other things, too, I guess.

  • Anyways, don't forget to be thankful for them since they put you on Earth.

  • Let me know if your grandparents have weird habits when you see them.

  • Like my garndma always tells me to not do drugs for some reason.

  • Thank you guys so much for watching, have a happy holidays.

  • This is JeffreyFever, and I'm pressing the record button.

  • Now, peace. Jeffrey, food's ready!

  • Alright grandpa, coming.

  • Hey, don't move!

  • Grandpa, what are you doing?

  • I finally figured out how this thing works. Wow, the quality's beautiful! It's like in real life.

  • Are you sure?

What's up guys, it's Jeffrey, how's everybody doing?


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