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Hi. My name is Pat Goodwin with Pat Goodwin Associates. The question for me today is:
what are employee performance appraisal samples? And the samples that I am most familiar with
are instruments such as the 360, the Harrison, an estimate called the Campbell's, or possibly
a Myers-Briggs, as well as Insights and DISCs, so you can appraise employees' performance
by offering a specific instrument. The 360 is probably going to be the most effective.
The 360 would be fellow colleagues, managers, people in the workplace that you specifically
select, would be answering questions about how they know you; how they see you work;
how you perform; where's your communication style; how they see you react, maybe in conflict;
or how they see you being creative or strategic. These are designed by Ph.D. level psychologist.
They have been proven to be quite effect in a positive way of evaluating an employee's
performance and these are given in plenty of time that everybody can give a window of
time to get the evaluation back and then they are evaluated by the psychologist and then
there will be possibly a manager or an HR person who would be with the employee when
they reviewed the 360. The goal of the 360 is to make sure that that employee understands
the value that they bring, their strengths and then any areas of concern that they may
want to address and work on. There are many companies that ask for an employee to name
their replacement. They have succession planning already in place and they have that set forward
so in a part of the 360, they may ask a question about if you could name your replacement,
who might that be. So, the 360s are viewed typically as very positive. It's something
that shouldn't be intimidating, but it should help the employee to grow further and to help
them understand how they are being perceived by their employees and their fellow workers,
as well as how they may be able to improve their performance. The Harrison is a skills
assessment which is also very revealing about how the person thinks. The insights can be
viewed as something that might not be appraisal assessment, but it would be great work for
teamwork inside the office once the team gets going. So those are some very tried and true
assessments that I would recommend if you're looking to perform a performance assessment
based on an appraisal of an employee. Thank you.


Human Resources : Employee Performance Appraisal Samples

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