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Hi this is Jens at Stomp It Tutorials!
In this video I'm going to show you the first 10 tricks to learn on skis.
I think it's important to learn these tricks in this order because, each of these tricks
builds upon the next one.
When you learn it in this sequence they all going to come easier to you and you will have
a steady foundation to learn pretty rad tricks upon.
Trick 1, you will have to learn how to pop.
You just pop straight up in the air body weight centered, skis shoulder width apart and do
it at first with no speed then try it with speed.
You have to learn this in order to hit you first jumps and also how to hit your first boxes.
Trick 2, ollies you have to use a lot of force, swing those arms up, lean back so you roll
of the tails and push off your legs.
This is great to know in order to get onto high features or when you want to jump over
Trick 3 learn how to jump or straight air.
You can start with a side hit like this small jump.
Pay attention to that you land perpendicular to the landing.
Once you hit it in a jump the jump will tilt you backwards so you have to pop hard in order
to land perpendicular to the landing.
Practise this many many times over and the next trick will be safety grab.
When you do the safety grab it's the same as the straight air at first.
Ride in look towards the end of the jump, knees bent and pop hard just at the end of
the take off and pull your legs up and grab the ski slightly underneath it.
It's a fun trick and getting the safety grab is the first step towards more awesome grabs.
The Shifty is not just a shifty it's a technique that's going to help you on boxes, rails,
grabs, when you over rotate or under rotate a rotation.
How you do it is that you have on hand in front of your body and one behind then you
pop and twist your body.
For most people it's rather difficult at first, this motion that you have to twist the legs
one way and the upper body the other.
That is a super important technique since you will use it in most tricks you ever do.
Trick 6 ski switch or backwards.
This is super important to know since I guess you want to learn switch spins or landing
Start with a slight snow plow like this and as you get better snow plow less and less
until you can do switch parallel turns like this.
Then it’s important that you twist your hips and feet like this.
It's going to make it easier to see where you're going and also easier to turn.
Try do a lot of switch riding on a flat slope like this and I'm sure you are going to get
it rather soon.
Once you got the switch riding down you can move onto Trick 7 the 180.
You can start with a side hit like this so you have to jump very little and land with
low speed.
Then you can step it up to a easy table top jump like this.
Logically the 180 is the first step to all cooler spins.
Trick 8 5050 on a box.
This is not so hard ride straight onto it with your feet together.
Just to get a feel for how slippery a box really is.
Trick 9 box slide to forwards.
You can start like that do a late box slide then you jump on using that shifty technique
called counter rotation.
As you get more comfortable increase the size of the box and later on you should learn locking
as well.
Box slide to switch is much like the 180.
Spin on it slide it then land backwards.
If you want more in-depth tips and detailed descriptions on how to do this check out our
beginner pack over at Stomp It Tutorials.com



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