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  • Since the Syrian Civil war and resulting migrant crisis, most of the narrative around refugees

  • has been the burden they place on European countries, such as Greece, France and the

  • UK.

  • But these and other wealthy nations are actually absorbing very few people in need.

  • In fact, of the 21 million refugees in the world, most are living in just a handful of

  • countries, many of which are suffering from their own financial and political problems.

  • So we wanted to know, which countries have taken in the most refugees?

  • Well, a refugee is someone who is forced to leave because their country has become too

  • dangerous, for instance from a war or natural disaster.

  • As of the end of 2015, Pakistan hosts about 1.6 million refugees, a vast majority of which

  • have entered from neighboring Afghanistan.

  • Most fled when the Soviet Union invaded during the Cold War, and as a result, a majority

  • are second and third generation.

  • In the 1970’s and 80’s, the Pakistani government welcomed Afghan refugees, allowing

  • them to open businesses and settle with local populations.

  • However as more and more arrived, and relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan declined,

  • Pakistan gradually changed its tune.

  • In December 2015, it gave all refugees six months to leave, later extending the deadline

  • another six months.

  • More than 250,000 have since returned to Afghanistan, most of whom were not even born there.

  • Another destination for refugees is Turkey, which hosts an estimated three million asylum-seekers

  • as of June 2016.

  • While roughly 90 percent are from Syria, many are from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Somalia.

  • Over the course of 2014 and 2015, nearly one million migrants and refugees fled Turkey

  • for Greece or other European countries, often taking dangerous and unorthodox routes on

  • land or sea.

  • After hundreds of deaths, the EU and Turkey brokered a deal in which all migrants attempting

  • to settle in Greece would be returned to Turkey.

  • In exchange, Turkey got a number of benefits, including more than six-and-half  billion

  • dollars for resettlement efforts.

  • The idea was that Turkey would be a safe haven for migrants to resettle, however it hasn’t

  • exactly played out  that way.

  • Turkish officials have reportedly failed to provide asylum seekers with adequate aid,

  • and have even shipped many to other war-torn countries.

  • Like Turkey, Jordan hosts more refugees than just about any other country.

  • Nearly 3 million refugees live in Jordan, a majority of which live in urban areas below

  • the national poverty line.

  • More than 2 million are Palestinian, most of whom settled in Jordan after it occupied

  • and annexed the West Bank in the mid 20th century.

  • But some are actually Palestinian Syrians who fled from the Syrian Civil War, making

  • them double refugees.

  • In 2014, Jordan closed its border with Syria, and in 2016 Jordan’s King Abdullah II announced

  • that the country had reached a “boiling point”, and that it could no longer provide

  • aid to refugees without further help from the international community.

  • World leaders have met countless times to come up with a permanent solution to the global

  • refugee crisis, however no tangible plan has been put in place.

  • For instance the UK has taken in just 8 thousand refugees since 2011, while its population

  • is 10 times bigger than Jordan’s.

  • With few world powers willing to take in anywhere near the amount of refugees living in Pakistan,

  • Turkey or Jordan, these asylum seekers will continue to live in a state of uncertainty.

  • Millions of refugees are fleeing from conflicts all over the world.

  • But when these men, women and children leave their home country, what rights do they still

  • have?

  • Find out in this video.

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Since the Syrian Civil war and resulting migrant crisis, most of the narrative around refugees


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