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  • theme music

  • sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff

  • Please just tell me what's wrong,

  • I hate it when you walk around the

  • apartment crying for attention.

  • I'm not crying,

  • I'm sniffing!

  • Glue?

  • Paint?

  • Sharpies?

  • No! That horrible, all consuming smell!

  • You don't smell that smell?

  • I'm more concerned with your new huffing

  • habit, Allison, because sharpies have killed poeple.

  • sniff sniff

  • Something in this shared space reeks of

  • regurgitated eggs - and I can't find the source.

  • And you thought it might be me?!

  • How do you not smell that?

  • How do you smell that?

  • Getting a nose job doesn't ruin your sense of smell,

  • it just ruins your ability to breathe.

  • Oh well that seems very worth it.

  • This whole room smells like death.

  • gasp It's probably a body!

  • Where in this apartment could there be a dead body?

  • In the walls!

  • I bet it's been here this whole time,

  • watching us, rotting,

  • waiting for justice to be served.

  • Maybe somebody upstairs is cooking a tuna casserole

  • covered with truffle oil

  • in raw sewage.

  • You do smell it!

  • Ah.. a little.

  • Do you think this smell is coming more from

  • the ceiling or the floor?

  • I don't know!

  • Get on a chair!

  • Ooh, I really smell it now.

  • Is it getting worse?

  • No, I think until you had me search around,

  • I was just convincing myself that this apartment

  • always smelt that way.

  • i had adapted to the new normal.

  • You can just convince yourself that something

  • horrible is normal?

  • Uh- for sure!

  • I have a cyst on my butt that I

  • refer to as a birthmark.

  • Huh.

  • deep breath

  • This is incredible, I don't smell it anymore.

  • Welcome to the indestructible land of denial.

  • Got a Scout Cookie?

  • How old are those?

  • Expiration dates are a fallacy of corporate America.

  • shrugs

  • I don't think we can invite anyone over here ever again.

  • Oh absolutely not.

  • theme music

  • These are.. very stale.

  • No, they are crispy.

  • Hm...

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theme music


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匂い (The Smell)

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