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  • So, you go to Golden State

  • and this narrative comes out "Oh, he’s too impressionable.

  • He had people in his life who pushed him there"

  • And I’m thinking like… I met Durant

  • like he’s a pretty proud dude. Why do people think

  • you got manipulated?

  • I mean, that must have driven you crazy?

  • It did, ‘cos...

  • I can’t go in a studio and express myself through words

  • and it be a normal day.

  • BILL: Right!

  • So if I were to come out and tweet something, or

  • instagram, or whatever

  • a video of me disagreeing with something

  • of what a writer said is career suicide.

  • Right! Then it’s likeOh he’s thin skinned.”

  • -Exactly! So-- -He can take the heat.

  • And once I’ve made the decision,

  • You know, I know how to take a lot

  • of stuff on the chin.

  • I know how to keep rolling with the punches.

  • It upset me, it upset me coming from,

  • you know, people that I spent time with.

  • Then obviously they were upset, and

  • Did you expect that part of it?

  • That people would say like, it was almost

  • like they were trying to portray you as a weak person.

  • Yeah

  • BILL: …to go to Golden State, and I was like

  • maybe you just wanted a bigger city

  • and different offers, and a different experience.

  • Yeah, I mean when they call me weak,

  • I mean, like I think I’m the total opposite.

  • You know, there’s plenty times

  • I could have quit in this whole life

  • BILL: Yeah!

  • lifestyle I’m in, there’s plenty of times

  • where I could havewhen I lost,

  • I could have just said, you know what is it for me?

  • Let me move on.

  • There’s plenty of times where my neighborhood

  • could have kept me down,

  • but I just kept going.

  • So, how am I weak,

  • if I'm at the top elite level of my profession.

  • I just chose to play for a different team.

  • So, people try to take you down when you hake a decision

  • that makes then uncomfortable.

  • Or makes them upset, you know,

  • so I can't control everybody.

  • BILL: I remember, I went to college

  • in Worcester Massachusetts

  • and by year four, I was ready to get out.

  • I was like, I'm ready for a new city.

  • And that was the one narrative I never heard with you.

  • Yeah, nobody cares about what I want as a person.


  • It's all about what I could do on a basketball court.

  • BILL: Yeah!

  • They don't care if I like going fishing

  • on Tuesdays, or... like taking pictures

  • on the street.

  • Like nobody cares

  • as long as I can shoot that ball into that hoop.

  • Yeah, why should I care what they think

  • if they don't really care about me as whole?



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ケビン・デュラントとナス - KDがゴールデンステートに移籍 (HBO) (Kevin Durant and Nas - KD on Move to Golden State (HBO))

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