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How to Be Punk. You don’t have to have something to rebel against to be a punk—you just have
to look like you do. You will need Punk music Punk hair Punk clothes Punk accessories Multiple
piercings Tattoos and bright makeup. Step 1. Pick a punk subculture. There’s strait-edge
punk, glam punk, crust, Ska-punk, skinhead, skater-punk, pop-punk, goth-punk, bubblegum
punk. Step 2. Play punk music—loudly. There’s classic punk, like The Ramones and The Sex
Pistols, and current punk, like Blink 182 or Good Charlotte. Step 3. Wear punk clothing:
Horizontally-striped shirts, leopard print tights in candy colors, super skinny jeans,
tight tees printed with names of obscure bands, and black leather. Step 4. Accessorize with
safety pins, lots of zippers, spiked wrist bands, bondage buckles, bullet belts, chokers,
and chains. Step 5. Wear Converse high tops, checkered Van’s classic slip-ons, or combat
boots. Go to Google Images and punk clothing websites for ideas. Step 6. Have your hair
cut into a Mohawk and dyed in different rainbow colors. Or shave your head. Step 7. Have something
on your face and body pierced. Lips and nipples are popular areas. Female punks wear colorful
makeup, and lots of it. Step 8. Get a tattoo—preferably of a punk band, an anarchy symbol, skull and
crossbones, or anything that symbolizes rebellion. Place it anywhere on your body—the more
surprising the location, the better. Step 9. Meet your peeps at punk rock concerts and
look angry—or just hang out in public somewhere, looking bored. Did you know The popular ‘70’s
group The Ramones is widely considered to be the first punk rock band.


How to Be Punk

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