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Hi, Doug here from Investing In Gold Advice dot com.
In this short video I’m going to explain to you a bit about the different types of
gold coins available, and which type makes the best investment.
Then at the end I’m going to reveal how to get started investing in gold coins straight
Gold coins come into two categories...
The first one is Standard Gold Coins. These are produced in government mints, are guaranteed
by them and therefore they become legal tender. Examples are the American Eagle, the Canadian
Maple Leaf and the South African Kruggerand. These are not thought of as collectable coins.
The value of these Standard Gold Coins is determined by the two factors of metal content
and dealer profit.
The second category is Rare Gold Coins which are also known as Numismatic coins, which
means they are collectors’ items. Examples are the Liberty Head, the Saint Gaudens and
the British Sovereign.
These collectors’ coins have the added factor of beauty, and as old, precious items their
value is determined by three factors, namely the numismatic content, the metal content
and the dealer profit.
So, which type makes the best investment?
The value of rare coins is enhanced in comparison to standard bullion coins but the standard
gold bullion coins are the safest from of investment and carry least risk for the inexperienced
This is because there are a lot of fakes and forgeries of numismatic and semi numismatic
coins in circulation.
So if you are new to investing in gold coins then it is recommended that you opt for Standard
Bullion Coins.
If on the other hand you are experienced and are sure that you are buying from a reliable
source then Rare Gold Coins could ultimately provide you with a better return.
I’ve been successfully trading and investing in gold since 2003 and I created my website
Investing In Gold Advice dot com to share with you the knowledge, experience and contacts
that I’ve gained during that time.
This information I’ve just given you is just a small part of what you need to know
about investing in gold coins and I designed my website to be a One Stop Shop for potential
gold investors.
Go to Investing In Gold Advice dot com and get all the information you could possibly
need about investing in gold, completely free. I’ll be there to guide you every step of
the way. Simply click on the link below now.


Investing In Gold Coins: Which Gold Coins Make The Best Investments?

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