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- Here's the Pakistani samosa.
- Mmhmm.
Indian samosa.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers.
Same to same.
(fun music)
- Yes.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
(glasses clink)
- Well this is like eating a mango.
- Tastes like Maaza.
- Yeah it is Maaza.
- No my mom will eat five mangoes a day.
When Keris come (sighs).
- Don't even talk to me about Keris.
- When we have Keris I hide it from my brothers,
- Because everybody will eat them.
- I literally hide it.
They will eat them.
- Pakistani, Indian, mango is a go to.
(fun music)
- You can't have samosas without chutney.
- No you can't.
- No I need my chuntey.
- I've lived in Pakistan for 15 years
and this was like a staple in my diet.
- Let's try it.
- Yeah let's try it.
- That's really good.
Holy crap.
- This reminds me of the flowers.
- Oh yeah.
- From Zaan.
- Right?
- This one tastes Pakistani to me.
- Really?
- Try it out.
- You're confused man.
- My mom used to put peas also in samosas
so I feel like that's a Pakistani thing to do.
- That's the trademark recipe for samosa
potatoes and peas, right?
- Yeah.
- No matter where you go.
- Yeah exactly.
- I've never had samosas like this.
- With meat in it?
- I mean I've seen it with meat in it, but like,
they're like smaller.
- I'm pretty confident, I'm gonna say this one is Indian.
And this one is Pakistani.
- I would also agree with that.
(bell rings)
- I knew it.
I knew these were the ones.
- Wow you were right.
- From India, yeah I know.
- That's crazy.
(upbeat music)
- Even though I'm a Sindhi I've never tried
the Sindhi Biryani before.
- My makes pilau too though.
- Hmm.
Pilau is good.
- Pilau is good and I feel like she has done it like that
but she's done it like that too.
- I think this is Indian, this is Pakistani.
(bell rings)
- Memories.
- I feel like India has a lot more spices into it,
so I'm going to say this is Hyderabadi
and this is Sindhi.
(buzzer beeps)
- If I get this wrong I'm (mumbles).
- This one's the Sindhi one?
- I guess I thought this was Hyderabadi?
- My parents never made this for me.
- You guys really know what you're doing.
- Yeah thanks.
- I can't start my day without a good cup of chai.
- Yeah.
You know what I need chai throughout the day actually.
- Excuse me I need some chai.
- This one looks just like India.
- Oh snap.
- So it's supposed to be an Indian jalebi.
- I eat chai with cake roast with my mom.
- Cake roast is life.
I love cake roast.
- Cheers.
Have you heard about the chai wallas?
- He was just standing there like,
serving chai on the street right,
and his picture was like this.
- His eyes kind of like pierce into like my insides
and I'm like oh.
- I mean let's be real he's hot.
But chai, yeah dude, chai brings everyone together.
- Sometimes my parents will fight
and then like an hour later, they'll be like eh,
put the chai on huh.
- It's all about the chai.
- And they'll start talking again.
- It's always the chai.
(emotional music)
- You know overall,
- Do you still hate me?
- I never had a single drop of hatred in my heart for you.
- Ah, I like that.
Same here.
- My family's from Mumbai.
- And my family's from Kurachi.
And I would have never known that you were Indian.
- I cannot speak in Hindi but so many other Indians
'cause they have their local state languages.
- Yeah.
- But then with Pakistan, I can freely converse
in Hindi.
- We all love Bollywood right?
- Yes we do.
- If you're in India, you will still watch,
Hum-su-fer, and Minina Musefa and all those like other
Pakistani dramas right?
- Exactly.
- So it's like that's what brings us together.
Hyderabadi biryani, Sindhi biryani.
- Yeah.
- You know.
- Pakistani jalebi, Indian jalebi.
- [Both] The chais the same.
- We cook the chai the same.
- You don't go to a party and say this ones Indian,
this one's Pakistani.
- No.
- I mean.
- You just eat it and enjoy.
- You just eat it and enjoy.
- It brings everyone together.
- Yeah like there's both green in the colors of the flag.
- Exactly.
- Oh.
- Movies like Pajongi-pajong.
It showed the two Pakistan India,
- Girlfriend.
- United.
- You just talked about Some-on-kan.


India And Pakistan Taste Test

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Ricky Chang 2016 年 12 月 20 日 に公開
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