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  • Hi. I'm Anne, and I speak American English.

  • I'm a student, and I like to read and learn about languages.

  • Today, we will learn about quantifiers.

  • Last time, we learned about countable and uncountable nouns.

  • And we use quantifiers, such as 'much', 'many',

  • 'a lot of', 'a little', and 'a few' with nouns.

  • Quantifiers tell us the number or amount of a noun.

  • We use the quantifier "much" with uncountable nouns.

  • "Much" means a large amount. We only use 'much' in questions and in negative sentences.

  • For example: Is there much rain in summer?

  • No, there's not much rain and summer.

  • We also use "a little" with uncountable nouns.

  • "A little" means a small amount.

  • For example: There is a little water in the bottle.

  • We use the quantifiers "many" and "a few" with plural countable nouns.

  • "Many" means a large number.

  • For example: There are many palm trees on the island.

  • "A few" means a small number. There are a few birds outside.

  • We use the quantifier "a lot of" with both uncountable and countable nouns.

  • "A lot of" means a large amount or number.

  • There is a lot of rain in spring.

  • There are a lot of cars on the highway.

  • Let's take a quick tour of some places in the U.S.

  • and use quantifiers to describe what we see.

  • Our first stop is New York City.

  • Here, there are many tall buildings and cars.

  • There's also a little grass and nature.

  • Is there much snow in Alaska?

  • Yes, there's a lot of snow in Alaska.

  • In California, there are a lot of palm trees.

  • On this beach, there are a few birds.

  • Now, it's your turn.

  • Click pause and choose the correct quantifiers in these sentences.

  • Task of the week!

  • Describe the landscape of your country using quantifiers.

  • Next time, we will learn about the difference between adjectives and adverbs.

  • This is American English. Thank you for watching.

Hi. I'm Anne, and I speak American English.


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定量器 (Quantifiers)

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