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You said you wanted to talk?
Yeah, I have something I need to tell you.
Okay, whats up?
This is a little embarrassing for me,
I've never felt this way.
Caspar, you know you can tell me anything.
I think I have feelings for you.
Yeah, am I crazy?
Honestly, I think I have feelings for you too.
I think I love you.
I think I love you too.
(kissing noises)
This is so dumb, I can't do it.
Oh my God, if you're going to tell Kim
you like her, you need to practice.
Stop being such a dork.
Or as you say, geezer.
I'm just going to call her.
Honestly man, as your friend,
I want to encourage you, right?
But here's the thing,
you suck.
What do you mean?
You have no game bro.
There's a line of girls, literally waiting for me.
A meet up at Vidcon doesn't count.
Are you taking the piss?
Okay, you see that?
That right there, don't do that okay?
She's not going to understand your British slang.
Fine then, are you taking the mick?
What? No no stop, stop, listen.
You need to take your Nando's eating,
Top Shop-wearing self,
and just calm down.
Take my advice.
Fine, go on then.
What should I do?
Just be yourself, okay?
Except don't say anything that you
would usually say.
But I say such nice, sweet things.
Exactly, listen. Being sweet is not how you
get a girlfriend okay?
Being sweet is how you get friendzoned.
What you need to do, is play hard to get.
But, but I'm not hard to get.
I'm really, really, really, easy to get.
Like, so easy.
Oh my God, you are like the effing UberX of boyfriends.
No surcharge, nothing.
Just sitting there, available, in your Prius,
offering me water and gum.
Fine, Lilly, just tell me what to do.
Call Kim and let her know you have options, brav.
Okay, let Kim know, if she's not down,
you got Kylie on the other line, fam.
Okay, okay I'm doing it right now.
That's right brav, let gal know whats good, innit fam.
Wait, why do you have an accent all of a sudden?
Damn, sorry, when I hear a British accent,
I just copy it, I dont know.
I'm South African.
Yeah, I've been South African the whole time.
Hey Kim!
Come on.
Um, I have Kylie on the other line.
This bloke, give her some context.
I, I want to talk to you, but no wait,
I want to ask you something.
Yeah yeah yeah, but I don't have time.
But I don't have much time.
Yeah yeah, tell her I'm too busy working out.
I'm too busy jerking out.
What? No, working out, working out!
Oh, what, Up?
With my strong arm.
What are you doing?
Honestly, just marry Joe.
Okay, Caspar Sugg, it works.
Kimberly, I like you.
No no no no no!
I think you're really pretty.
Friend zone!
Friend zone!
But I don't want to be friend zoned.
You're not supposed to tell her that.
See, you're the type of person that
signals three times when making a three point turn.
In your UberX.
This is the end for you, this is it.
This is the end.
I want to be in the end zone.
Shut up, tell her "do you know how lucky you are?"
Do you know how lucky you are?
Wait, that's a little bit rude.
But don't worry, I'm feeling lucky too.
What are you doing, you're such a creep,
you're gonna get arrested for verbal assault.
She's worth the jail time.
I don't even mind handcuffs, if that's what you want.
Are you hearing yourself?
Do you want to go on a date?
Demand a date!
Don't ask, you tell her.
I'm so lonely.
Let her know,
yo, if you say no, I got so many other DM's to attend to.
And if you say no,
I have so many other D's to attend to.
Tell her, it's going so down in my DM's,
I need a ladder to get out of my inbox.
Tell her.
I need a ladder, it's like snakes and ladders in here.
Yeah okay.
I'm sliding down those snakes right now.
Oh, I see you're improving, okay, thats okay.
I'm slithering on down.
Okay, that's a bit weird.
(random noises) I'm like Mowgli, Jungle Book style up in here.
Hello? Hi? Hello?
I think Kimberly hung up.
She hung up?
Dude, you were killing it!
Honestly, I felt like I was watching the red wedding.
Oh my God, she hates me.
Not even, that was so good!
Dude, if she doesn't like you, that's her loss.
You're just saying that.
No, I'm not.
Casper, you're such a great guy okay?
If Kim doesn't like you, then you
make like Kanye, and you eff Kim.
Yeah, yeah I guess.
Dude, she's probably like a
huge weirdo anyway, trust me.
She's probably one of those people
that like pours milk into a bowl before cereal.
Or like, doesn't like Nutella.
I bet you she has some weird shrine.
Yeah who needs really really exciting relationships
when you have friendships.
Exactly, friends forever.
You're the best, Lil.
I love you.
I love you too.
Hmm, I better go.
I'll walk you out.
(door opens)
(ominous music)
No one is ever gonna get between us.
My little Cassey-Poo.
Hope you enjoyed that video.
Thanks so much for being on my channel.
- [Caspar] Okay, Get off - [Lilly] Hug me, why don't
- [Caspar] me, stop stop. - [Lilly] you love me.
- [Lilly] Okay this is weird now (laughs)
If you like the video, make sure you give it
a big thumbs up.
Comment below letting me know your favorite part.
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But most importantly, we did a video
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The link to that is in the description
so make sure you check that out.
Check out his channel, because he is a dope,
handsome, nice guy.
And if you're from my channel, subscribe to Lilly.
Aw, thanks!
One love, Superwoman,
uh huh, that is a wrap, and zoop!
Nailing it.


How to Get Your Crush to Like You (ft. Caspar Lee)

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