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  • Tell me what the rain knows

  • Oh are these the tears of ages

  • That wash away the wolf's way

  • And leave not a trace of the day?

  • Tell me what the rain knows

  • Oh is this the flood of fortune

  • That pours itself upon me?

  • And see how I drown in this sea

  • Hark, hear the howl that eats the moon alive

  • Your fur is on fire

  • The smoke turns the whole sky raven black

  • And the world upon your back will crack

  • Where will you go

  • Now you've no home?

  • Let the rain wash away

  • Your last days

Tell me what the rain knows


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B1 中級

坂本真綾 - 雨が知っていることを教えてくれ (Maaya Sakamoto - Tell Me What the Rain Knows)

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