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How do you picture your dream back yard to look?
In my dream, I would walk out onto a beautiful patio.
My patio would be made out of a variety of red bricks with a flower boarder.
I love the whimsical feel of brick; they are ever changing and add such a variety of color
and depth.
If you are not a huge fan of brick patio pavers don’t worry.
There are a variety of other choices.
Other types of patio pavers include; concrete pavers, interlocking pavers, brick pavers,
travertine pavers and slate pavers.
There are two different makes of pavers, natural and man-made.
What are the differences between the two different types of pavers?
First of all, natural pavers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
They are not created by man or in a factory, they are found naturally in nature.
Man-made pavers are just that, made by man.
Whether made by hand or in a factory, they are created of concrete, rock sand and other
What type of paver should you choose; Man-made patio pavers or natural patio pavers?
Man-made patio pavers are significantly lower in cost.
The cost of man-made pavers is kept low because they are made of concrete.
Concrete can be made into many different shapes; you can also have a variety of paver colors.
These pavers come in different sizes, making it easy to lay them in a symmetrical pattern.
You can alternate colors in the same design, unlike natural stone.
Natural stone isn’t always the same size as the next piece.
The colors of natural stone can also vary greatly depending on where it came from.
Natural stone cannot be reproduced to look exactly like the real thing.
The only way to get the look of natural stone is to use natural stone.
When choosing the best patio pavers for your yard, consider your surroundings.
What would look the best in your yard?
Is your patio a high traffic area?
These are a few questions that you will want to consider when choosing the best patio pavers
for your back yard.


Best Patio Pavers

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