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  • It is 10 in the morning on a Tuesday, and Larry is ready for it to be Friday.

  • Larry is the Vice President of Operations for a leading global manufacturer of customized HVAC units.

  • Between battling competitors, figuring out complicated government regulations,

  • handling inventory management and finding the best freight solution

  • at any given time, Larry is doing the job of three people.

  • Larry wishes there were a logistics partner in his vendor system that could help manage his overall logistics, global supply chain, leverage purchasing power,

  • reduce costs, and improve service to his customers.

  • But where is he going to find a partner like that? Larry's too busy just keeping up. Lucky for Larry, he does not need to look any further.

  • Luckily, we are Supply Chain Solutions, and we have been providing end to end supply chain management

  • and fully customizable shipping solutions since 1999. Utilizing over 93 combined years

  • of customer experience from customers just like Larry.

  • In fact, in all that time, we have never lost a single customer.

  • The key to our success is in the way we customize our solutions to our clients.

  • We operate as single point of interface to their customers.

  • This connection allows the shipper to concentrate. SCS evaluates your

  • shipping needs to create a customized, cost effective solution to reduce your transportation costs.

  • In effect, SCS becomes an outsourced traffic department, freeing up valuable resources

  • so you can apply them to areas that will help your business grow.

  • We can manage the transportation system onsite or offsite and insure the highest quality transportation services. quality transportation service. At SCS, we

  • At SCS, we proactively monitor each shipment from pickup up to delivery.

  • In the process, we save you time and money.

  • It's 10 in the morning again on a Tuesday and Larry's much happier at work now that his company is partnering with Supply Chain Solutions.

  • With their customized solutions tailered to to his need, virtually every aspect of Larry's job is running more smoothly.

  • Like Larry, we can help you too!

  • Contact us at 608-781-6792 or

  • and let us show you what we can do for you. Supply Chain Solutions - managing your freight since 1999.

It is 10 in the morning on a Tuesday, and Larry is ready for it to be Friday.


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サプライチェーンソリューション カスタマイズされたグローバルロジスティクスの概要 (Supply Chain Solutions Customized Global Logistics Overview)

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