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  • Okay, let's talk about "good design" ladies and gentlemen.

  • Or a very well known synonym — Mr. Dieter Rams.

  • Dieter Rams is wellhe's an industrial designer by profession.

  • He's from Wiesbaden, Germany. He completed his studies in architecture and interior decoration

  • from the Wiesbaden School of Art. He has headed Braun's design for over 40 years.

  • If Braun seems unfamiliar, or reminds of shavers, know that it is much, much more.

  • And it does make shavers, very beautiful ones, however.

  • And it has made a lot of other beautiful things. The genius behind the design of the design

  • of these beautiful things is none other than Mr. Rams.

  • And these things, these products, they don't just look goodthey function just as well.

  • And they've left behind such a strong influence — a legacy that you will see in products

  • today as well — the same design philosophy, that, of "good design."

  • Dieter Rams listed out his ten principles of good design, which sometimes today are

  • referred to as the ten commandments of good design.

  • He mentioned that good is innovative. That good design makes a product useful.

  • He mentioned that good design is aesthetic. He mentioned that good design makes a product

  • understandable. That good design is unobtrusive.

  • Good design is honest. It is long lasting.

  • And it is thorough, down to the last detail. Good design is environmentally friendly.

  • And last but not the least, good design is as little design as possible.

  • So I started looking for products around mein home and nearby — that I think could

  • comply with the ten principles.

  • But what I really, really wanted to know was that are there any Indian products that Dieter

  • Rams would appreciatethat would comply with the ten principles — something that

  • he would be proud of. So here are three things that I think kinda

  • comply with the ten principles of Dieter Rams. The Tata Nano. Why? Because it truly is as

  • little design as is required. There's only one windshield wiper instead of the usual

  • two. There are only three lug nuts on the wheels instead of the usual four. The headrests

  • are integrated into the driver's seat. The downside is that there are no airbags. This

  • is not something that I would recommend, or that Dieter Rams would recommend. But this

  • is how you pull off a 1-lakh rupee car. This watch by HMT. This watch is truly minimalistic

  • design. It is simple and it has enough information at the same time. It keeps accurate time and

  • really reliable, and durable as well. This one, I think, is from the 80s. And it's still

  • working fine. And last but not the least, this pressure

  • cooker from Hawkins Futura. To begin with, the aesthetic looks like something that Dieter

  • Rams would design. Very minimal, very futuristic, smooth. Easy to use. Very reliable. And safety

  • has been utmost concern. This is design that not only looks good but functions just as

  • well. This is the only pressure cooker in the world to have been displayed at the Museum

  • of Modern Art in New York. Is that all? Is the list complete? By no means.

  • So I'll keep looking. And I would love to hear from you as well. If you know of any

  • products, if you think that any product would fit into his ten principles, something that

  • he would appreciate, do let me know in the comments below. Thank you, guys!

  • "I never use this term...'form follows function.'" abhas1

Okay, let's talk about "good design" ladies and gentlemen.


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ディーター・ラムスとグッドデザインの探求 (Dieter Rams and the Search for Good Design)

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