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  • (Alexander Hamilton Instrumental Track)

  • From the makers of Hamilton

  • and Wikipedia

  • William Henry Harrison

  • They call me old granny Harrison

  • and I know I just turned 68

  • But just you wait

  • Just you wa-

  • (Coughs)

  • (My Shot Instrumental Track)

  • That's right

  • One of the oldest presidents

  • To serve the shortest term

  • Now takes the Broadway stage

  • At 18 I served as USA infantry

  • Indians kept fighting us for territory

  • Tippecanoe, we killed them relentlessly

  • Then I turned general, y'all start noticin'

  • retired from Senate, twice you nominate me

  • Economy in ruin, beat the man, Van Buren


  • (That Would Be Enough Instrumental Track)

  • Close your eyes, close your eyes

  • Our children our dying

  • You'll out live the rest?

  • Close your eyes, close your eyes

  • How many are left?

  • I have lost track

  • Anne, you should have-

  • (Coughs)

  • Granny Harrison, you're way too old

  • NO!

  • I begged you to stay home

  • How many kids died?

  • You're so old

  • I knew you'd fight until the term was won

  • But you deserve a chance to have respect

  • Close your eyes, close your eyes

  • Democrats hate you

  • And you have pneumonia

  • If that isn't enough to convince you to see Harrison

  • These reviews from the critics will

  • Harrison, a new American musical

(Alexander Hamilton Instrumental Track)


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ハリソンニュー・アメリカン・ミュージカル(ハミルトン・パロディ)I HORSE DOOR (Harrison: A New American Musical (HAMILTON PARODY) I HORSE DOOR)

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