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  • How does a Bowie, Rickman, Muhammad Ali, and Harambe, Prince

  • Die before the moment we are convinced

  • That we are living in shenanigans with mannequins and dabbing

  • A year of memes and Presidential grabbing

  • Protest the drilling, a clown killing is very chilling

  • We got new Potter

  • Outside it is much hotter

  • Bernie socialist father

  • Will Flint ever get water

  • Leo won, now doing your make up is even harder

  • And everyday we play some Pokemon Go to take us away

  • Like Lemonade, Beyonce she kept our hope up

  • Snapchat, gimme filters for something to fix my face up

  • 100 layers, get my Juju right on that break up

  • Then a blizzard it came, and devastation reigned

  • Ted Cruz saw his future drip, drippindown the drain

  • With a Brexit from the union, Stranger Things is in my brain

  • And a bottle flipping game, can we finish this debate

  • Well, one day well look back and sayThat year was insane, man!’

  • A president elected to Make America Great Again

  • Everyone’s divided, Zika virus at it’s wake

  • And now all my news is fake, gimme a break, man

  • 2016’s over now

  • Thank goodness 2016’s over now

  • I mean there’s one more month until it’s done

  • But I can’t wait, I can’t wait

  • Then it was bleak, Trump hit his peak, wikileaks, debt ridden

  • Miss President, she lost it but the vote was sittinat 2 mil

  • She was labeled a crook I can’t look

  • Now Trump is our president, the country is shook

  • Gotta see Moana, I’m singinwith a Chewbacca Mom

  • Hold the door I bought some Amazon now that Vine is gone

  • A voice sayingDamn DanielCastro is dead

  • We started retweetinand eatinbagels made with rainbow bread

  • You gotta put up a fence or two Is that Orlando Bloom?

  • More people are dead or destitute We gotta amend the constitution

  • Started giffinTrippinover Miss Universe names

  • Pen Pineapple Apple Pen And a Neko Atsume

  • Scamminon every story my instagram's on

  • Bannon in the cabinet, no one knows what he plans on

  • So go use your voice, time to take a new stand

  • This new year you must do what you can

  • Fight the hate

  • Fight the hate

  • This new year you must do what you can

  • A new year

  • I can’t wait

  • 2016’s over now

  • We are waiting for it to be through

  • You can get out of jail

  • Why are all of the #OscarsSoWhite

  • Oh 2016’s over now

  • It’s America Season 2

  • Is Snyder the one to blame?

  • Who would think they would win the game

  • The world has finally gone insane ohh

  • The Final Five they won it all, ignore Ryan Lochte

  • Twenty One Pilots telling me my face is Blurry

  • The kids are all on Musically

  • I bought a kit from Kylie

  • You, Venmo me

  • V reality

  • I trust nobody

  • Can’t we just agree?

  • And me?

  • Just don’t grab my p****

  • There’s only one more month until it’s done

  • And I can’t wait

  • We made it somehow

  • 2016’s over now

  • Any questions?

How does a Bowie, Rickman, Muhammad Ali, and Harambe, Prince


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2016年の歌-一年を振り返るハミルトン巻き戻しパロディ (The 2016 Song- A Year in Review Hamilton Rewind Parody)

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