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  • In November 2016, more than a decade after negotiations began, the European Union temporarily

  • halted talks over Turkey’s accession into the bloc, citing concerns over the Turkish

  • government’s alarming response to the failed military coup.

  • Between July and November 2016, more than a hundred thousand people were purged, arrested

  • or jailed, in President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ongoing struggle to restore power.

  • So, months after the failed coup, we wanted to know, what’s life like in Turkey?

  • Well, on July 15, 2016, a faction of the Turkish Military attempted, and failed, to overthrow

  • the President and his ruling party.

  • According to coup leaders, the act was an attempt to restore Turkey’s democracy and

  • secular foundation, which, they said, was increasingly threatened under President Erdogan.

  • Since becoming Prime Minister in 2003, then President in 2014, Erdogan has cracked down

  • on free press, passed Islamic reforms and pushed for constitutional amendments that

  • would expand his presidential powers.

  • Erdogan blamed the failed coup entirely on followers of Fethullah Gulen, an influential

  • Sunni Muslim Cleric living in exile in Pennsylvania.

  • Gulen and Erdogan were once political allies but had a massive falling out in 2013.

  • Erdogan claims that Gulenists in the military are behind the coup, however Gulen claims

  • that it was actually staged as a way for Erdogan to seize more power and further crackdown

  • on opposition.

  • Whether or not Erdogan staged the coup is still unknown, but he has used the events

  • to consolidate power.

  • Since July, the Turkish government has purged more than 125,000 people, namely judges, politicians,

  • academics and members of the military, and another roughly 36,000 are in jail awaiting

  • trial.

  • The ongoingstate of emergencyhas been used to shutter countless institutions, including

  • small businesses, charities, legal organizations, more than 130 media outlets and more than

  • 2,000 educational facilities.

  • Erdogan has also used the failed coup as a means to drum up nationalism and promote his

  • own party.

  • Government-affiliated television, newspapers and Twitter accounts have all reinforced the

  • narrative that Gulen is behind the coup.

  • In the name of preventing another uprising, the government has directly encouraged people

  • to flood the streets of Turkey’s two biggest cities, Istanbul and Ankara.

  • According to news reports, these pro-government protests morphed into nationalist street parties,

  • and persisted for nearly a month, emboldened by calls from local mosques and mass texts

  • from Erdogan himself.

  • In October, Turkish parliament declared July 15th an official holiday, called theDay

  • of Democracy and National Unity”.

  • Much of the government and the public has consolidated behind the president, nationalist

  • sentiments are at record highs, and the ruling party now has sweeping powers to go after

  • its opponentsGulenists and otherwise.

  • Many Turks have described the failed coup asintense”.

  • President Erdogan, however, calls it “a gift from God”.

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In November 2016, more than a decade after negotiations began, the European Union temporarily


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トルコの失敗したクーデターの余波 (The Aftermath Of Turkey’s Failed Coup)

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