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  • On this episode of China Uncensored:

  • Taiwan, China...

  • what's the difference?

  • Hi, welcome to China Uncensored.

  • I'm your host, Chris Chappell.

  • I’ve never been to Kenya,

  • and I certainly haven’t been arrested there.

  • But I hear their jails are great!

  • Or at least, I presume they must be.

  • That would explain why these 15 Taiwanese citizens

  • in Nairobi, Kenya attempted to barricade themselves in a jail cell.

  • Unfortunately, their delightful detainment wasn’t to last.

  • A few moments later,

  • Kenyan police busted the door down,

  • grabbed them, and put them on an airplane.

  • And deported them to China.

  • This China, not this China.

  • Even though theyre from this China.

  • And if youre not familiar with theOne Chinapolicy

  • that says that both of these regions are China, watch this video.

  • And if you are familiar with theOne Chinapolicy,

  • you know why this awkward

  • sending-Taiwanese-citizens-to-mainland-China thing

  • is such a big deal.

  • Here’s what happened:

  • These 15 people are part of a group of 45 Taiwan citizens

  • who faced charges in Kenya for telecom fraud.

  • They had been accused of defrauding people in mainland China

  • of more than $93 million dollars in a series of scams.

  • I can only assume they pretended to be African princes

  • seeking to "transfer funds" to unsuspecting victims.

  • Anyway, I'm not saying they didn't commit fraud.

  • But they were acquitted by the Kenyan court.

  • That is, not guilty.

  • Yet the government of mainland China insisted

  • that Kenya send these Taiwanese to mainland China forinvestigation.”

  • As Kenya's Interior Ministry spokesperson put it,

  • "They came from China and we took them to China.”

  • Now it’s not that Kenyan officials are too dumb to realize

  • that being from China and being from Taiwan are not the same thing.

  • They just want to respect the "One Chinapolicy,

  • where Kenya only recognizes the CCP, and not the Taiwan government,

  • as the legitimate rulers of all China.

  • As a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson put it,

  • "Countries which follow the 'One China' principle are worthy of approval."

  • But while Kenya may get a gold star from the CCP,

  • they're actually violating their own policy.

  • Because the Kenyan court issued an order to not deport these people.

  • So why would they do it? Could it possibly have to do with...

  • money?

  • Now I'm not saying these Taiwanese citizens didn't commit fraud.

  • You may be innocent unless proven guilty in America.

  • And in Kenya.

  • And in Taiwan.

  • But in mainland China, you're only innocent

  • until you're forced to confess on state-run television.

  • Because that’s actually what happened.

  • And if this case is any indication,

  • now it could potentially happen to any Taiwanese citizen

  • accused of a crime overseas

  • even if theyre found not guilty.

  • So what do you think?

  • Leave your commentsor confessionsbelow.

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  • Once again, I'm Chris Chappell. See you next time.

  • OK, so what do you need?

  • Suits. Lots of suits.

  • Wait...

  • Who is this?

  • Mania.

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On this episode of China Uncensored:


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