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Hello, it's Ray
Today I'll teach you 10 useful English phrases you can use at the airport!
People responded enthusiastically to our last episode
Many people like this series, so we'll do it more often
Today's topic is selected by you guys, which is about English phrases used at the airport!
Remember to turn on CC for Chinese and English subtitles!
Actually travelers don't need to talk much at the airport
but we have to understand what the airport staff are talking about
So although the following 10 phrases are what travelers need to know at the airport
I hope you guys to listen carefully to our conversations
so that you can understand what they, the airport staff, are talking about
Good afternoon. Where will you be flying today?
I'm going to New York city baby! The big apple! Woot!
That's wonderful sir
May I have your passport please
Here you go
May I have your photo ID please
Here you go
May I have your baggage please
Here you go
May I have your credit card and password please
Here you go... Wait! Why do you need this?
Would you like an aisle seat or a window seat?
Hmm... A window seat, please. I'd like to be able to look out the window while we're flying
just to make sure we're not crashing at all times
How many bags are you checking in?
Just this one suitcase, and my carry-on
Please put your luggage on the scale
I'm afraid your baggage is overweight. You'll have to pay an overweight fee
Wait, is my baggage overweight?
Sir, I just told you. Your baggage is overweight. The overweight fee is a hundred US dollars
Did you leave your bag unattended at all in the airport?
Are you carrying any weapons or firearms?
Are you carrying flammable materials?
Do you have any perishable food items?
Great. Can you place your baggage over here?
No, ah... I mean, yes
Oh, I have something in my carry-on. Is this allowed on the plane?
Sir, you can't bring water onto the plane
Oh this is not water. This is alcohol
Sir, fluids are not allowed on the plane
What about beer?
Here's your boarding pass
This is your seat number and your boarding gate
Enjoy your flight sir
What time will we be boarding?
We begin boarding at 5
Okay thank you
Can I bring this on the plane though?
I'm sorry, where is the departure gate?
After you go through security, turn left. Your gate number is D3
Where do I go through security?
Right there
How long will you be staying in the U.S.?
About 2 weeks
What is the purpose of your visit?
I'm here on vacation
Where is your final destination?
Right here! New York city baby. The big apple! Woot!
That's wonderful sir
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And that is a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya~~~
Sir, you can't bring water onto the plane
Oh, this is not water, this is alcohol
Sir, fluids are not allowed on the plane
What about beer?
Oh, sh*t... I can't take it out
Where's my beer, where's my beer?!
Ah, here it is~ Beer!!!~~~



10句常用英文#2【機場篇】// 10 English Phrases: Airport

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