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Do long queues at checkout counters of a grocery store annoy you?
It might change, Forever!
A few days ago Amazon opened its first Amazon Go Store for its employees in Seattle.
Amazon Go is an 1,800 square feet futuristic store that has no cashiers, no registers and no checkout counters!
People can simply walk into the store, pick up the things they want and just walk out!
A virtual cart is automatically updated as a product is picked up and when the shopper walks out of the store
amazon automatically charges for the products they brought out with them.
So, How does it all work?
Amazon Go uses a variety of sensors and Algorithms to make a seamless no-checkout store a reality.
Amazon named the JUST WALK OUT technology.
To use the service, the shopper needs an Amazon account and a smartphone with the Amazon Go app installed on it.
The entrance of the store has a scanner that the users need to scan their unique QR code on.
This tells the system that the shopper is inside the store.
Now comes to mind-blowing part!
Once inside the store, as soon as a shopper lifts a product off the shelf,
it is automatically added to the shopper's virtual cart.
Put it back there and the poduct is removed.
This is done using an advanced network of computer vision, sensors, deep machine learning and artificial intelligence.
It can detect which product is removed or put back on the shelf
and who is putting them on or off using facial recognition technology.
Once you've added all the products you want, there's no need to queue up at a billing counter.
All you need to do is just walk out of the store!
The amount, equivalent to all the products you took from the shelves
will automatically be deducted and transfered to Amazon and an e- receipt will be automatically sent to you.
Amazon Go gives us a glimpse of what the future grocery stores might look like.
The first Amazon Go store will be open for public from early 2017.


How Does Amazon Go Work? Change the way you Shop!

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