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Yo what's up
everybody it's your boy JRE
and right now you already
know what we're
gonna do you see the title down below
What's good, Blood, Sweat, and Tears.
What?! Freaking BTS
[static sounds cuz JRE is extra]
yo, what the?
(straight up)? this interruption is
sponsored by BTS amino
You get sponsored?! (stank face) Yeah.
Yeah. Anyways
BTS amino as you see here is just like
kpop amino but more dedicated to ARMY
Let's go to my profile because
it is newly created, it is my profile JRE
I'm following no one, no ones following me
I got no reputation, I am slacking
But back at my front page
as you see here
there is multiple people creating
different types of posts of uh
related to BTS obviously.
There's a public chat oh
wow what? Need a daddy?
what what? Link's in the
description down below it's good for
uh the iPhone and also for android as
well and yeah, BTS amino what's good
[more static]
The fuck?
No but forreal on BTS amino someone was
actually pretending to be me and it was
also verified and I got a lot of people
telling me like
"Yo, is this really you?"
I'm like no, I-I'm not even on there yet
and now, I'm officially on BTS amino
so if you want to go check it out if
you already on there go follow me
link in description for
iPhone or android, if you want
so go check it out
Enough of that bull bull
you already now what's coming up
let's begin
yo JRE, I'm a big fan of Kpop
and I live in Germany and I really enjoy
your videos so play my intro
[JRE's bomb ass intro]
BTS, Blood, Sweat, and Tears
You know this is some sexy ish
just from the teaser, if you didn't see
my teaser reaction, you don't have to go
watch it because it's just a teaser
reaction and I feel like teaser reactions
are not even, it's like eh, it's aight
It's like a little preview to like
you know to tickle your...
tickle my what? ... Funny bone..
let's do that yeah, let's.. PG people
My channel is PG okay? No it's not
BTS Blood, Sweat, and Tears I'm excited
let's go
okay here we go
[Big Hit intro]
Oooh! You know I got that
Oh we got, a museum?
Yo, aye that's cute
look at Taehyung, he look so cute smiling
and shit. You could bring a bike into a
Oh, I love that jacket Suga
What's good Jin
Dat collar though. Dude what are all these
There's magical music?
So epic, okay okay here we go.
Here we go y'all.
Oh, oh he's on a, is that a swing?
OOH AHH, oh so he's on a swing.
Ooh you here this beat it's all
Yo I'm liking that jacket though
All their stuff.
What's up Namjoon
Okay I see you shit, see that eyebrow
raise? J-hope what's good?
Oh damn that arrow
Boy, whatchu come
I was gonna say come for me but you know
like come for my heart uh that okay
Imma stop talking
Aight up, kill it, y'all about to kill ohh
Wait what did he say?
There is so much crotch grabbing
In Kpop these days.
Oh Jin, what's good?
Yo J-hope, yo J-hope is getting so much
Okay Suga this and Jungkook, Jungook
I like how it just smooths out
Boy, Jimin put yo jacket
Yeah I saw, put your jacket back on
What's good Taeyung? Taehyung.
Oh boy he jumped!
It has that um
that beat that
Grabbin' that crotch boy you better grab
that crotch!
Okay now he's actually floating
and that's, that's uh, Taehyung in there
[May the lord, our savior, please save us]
I'm not, I'm...
I was
I'm just imagining, it is Jin
Damn, Y'all were right
[He too was a tempter, he too was a link
to the second. The evil world with which
I no longer wanted to have anything to do]
Get you English boy
Oh shit what the hell? I was gonna say
that, I'm imagining all these fan girls
and fanboys dying.
Watching this, oh who's playing piano?
Uh, Taehyung, uh Yoongi. Right?
Jin! Come along, it's a organ
Organ piano.
What's good bro?
Now I know it's part of the book as well
right, the um that they been doing short
films about ah, I forgot the name of it
what, what's wrong with me?
That statue look like the monster from
uh until dawn.
You saw that I was speechless after
Taehyung. Taehyung, V.
It seems like his angel his uh wings
were removed, he was a angel? Or a
whatever. Yo J-hope was getting them lines
Rap monster, Namjoon, he didn't did he
get that much? He only got like a one part
but he did them English, he's been reading
from the book for like the past uh month?
I know Jungkook was singing and uh umm
Yoongi was rapping.
Jimin was getting his thang.
But damn y'all, I was gonna say like uh
what uh, Skrillex and Diplo have been
making, like that kind of sound. Not only
them but like it's that kind out sound
that's been going on for like the past
I don't know. It's okay it's got exotic
kinda feel beat so it, it's been, they've
been doing that for a while.
But it's just a nice touch it's a nice
touch. What was he saying in the middle
It just makes me wanna move my hips.
Aye x9
That's the beauty about music.
No matter how old or how young.
Boy, editor JRE do your thang.
It lived up to my expectations.
I had fun with that I was confused and
trying to figure out the M/V.
It's definitely a second looker like
multiple times look.
So if you do want to go check out the
music video, link in description down
below. And yeah y'all, hope you guys had
I well, not more like fun, more like you
know, your feelings weren't attacked
'cause I felt attacked at least four or five times?
Uh, especially when I go speechless.
Thank you guys for watching, get your
Just Random Everyday hats, in stock.
Few are left at the8mm.com
Thank you guys for purchasing and when you
do buy 'em thank you for tagging me in
your pictures.
I love seeing people wearing these hats.
Just Random Everyday because it's better
to be just random everyday it's like, a
normal boring day.
Thank you BTS, respect to Big Hit
entertainment. Thank you guys for always
liking and sharing and subscribing.
Thank you for sharing I really do
appreciate it. And if you do share it,
and if you do like it, thank you
my twitter is itsjre and my instagram is
justrandomeveryday, you can follow it
if you want to, love you my sexy
beautiful people.
Keep on dreaming dreamers.
Dream, believe, do repeat. If you have a
dream, and you work hard on it, it might
come true. Listen to Kpop, it feels good
listen to BTS, it feels good
What's good ARMY?
You enjoy that? Or you felt more attacked
than enjoyed? But a little bit of both.
Alright y'all, thank you guys for watching
Hey, you better subscribe!
Subtitles by the Amara.org community


BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears MV Reaction [I WASN'T READY!]

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