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  • Hi, 我是Adam老師

  • 你有沒有用Twitter

  • 這個教學影片會教你如何用Twitter學英文

  • Hope you'll like it!

  • 今天我想教大家如何用Twitter學英文

  • Twitter is a revolution on the Internet, using 140 characters to communicate with others

  • Twitter是網路上革命性的網站 使用140個字與別人溝通

  • So many foreigners use Twitter, if you want to connect with them you should too

  • 太多外國人用Twitter,如果你要 和他們連結,你也要用Twitter

  • Using Twitter you can talk to hundreds of people at once

  • 透過Twitter你可以同時和數百人講話

  • Anyone who follows you sees everything you write 你的粉絲(followers)會看到你所有些的事情

  • You can send short messages in a quick way 你能夠快速寄出簡短信息

  • This is great for sharing things that you find online 這是最快的方法分享你在網路找到的寶

  • So, how can you start to use Twitter? 怎麼開始使用Twitter?

  • Go to and sign up

  • Make sure that you choose a good name 選名稱的時候要選好記的名字

  • My Twitter name is atervort (my real name is Adam Tervort)

  • Then, upload a good picture 上傳一個好看的相片或圖案

  • This is important, because when you tweet other people will see your picture

  • 每次你tweet大家會看到你的相片, 所以選一個好看的相片很重要

  • Some people may follow you after just seeing your picture 有的人會只有看相片就會當你的粉絲

  • Now, it is time to connect with others

  • The first way to connect on Twitter is by searching 你可以從Twitter首頁搜尋任何關鍵字

  • This way you can find people who talk about things you are interested in

  • 這樣就可以找到有類似興趣的人

  • Next, follow people you are interested in

  • If you follow them, they might follow you too Follow別人,他們有可能也會成為你粉絲

  • When you read something you like, you can respond to that person directly by typing "@" and their name

  • @atervort to respond to me

  • 如果你想回應別人寫的tweet,只要先寫@和他們的名字

  • 例如@atervort,他們就會直接看到你寫的

  • Another way to connect is by asking questions

  • Others will reply @you to tell their answers 如果你問好問題,別人會回應你@you來回答你的問題

  • Finally, be patient

  • You will not have many followers at first, but that will change

  • 如果一開始你沒有很多粉絲要有耐心

  • If you are active and tweet often that will change 常常寫Twitter,粉絲自然就會來

  • Remember, our goal is to use this to learn English, so try to connect with people who tweet in English!

  • Come to FREEbird English to see some of our other lessons, and remember to follow me on Twitter!

  • @atervort Come to FREEbird English to see some of our other lessons, and remember to follow me on Twitter!

  • @atervort

Hi, 我是Adam老師


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ツイッターで英語を学ぶ方法 (How to learn English by Twitter)

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