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  • Just as how the Japanese enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in the spring, the changing colour


  • of the Autumn leaves, known as Koyo, is an event that draws crowds all across Japan.


  • Today were in Kyushu’s least touristy prefecture, Saga, at Kunenan, a historical

    今日は、九州の中で最も観光客が少ない 佐賀県にきています。

  • Japanese residence that only opens it’s doors to the public for 9 days in November,

    ここにある九年庵という庭園が、 秋の時期に九日間だけ一般公開されています。

  • to allow visitors to enjoy the autumn foliage.


  • The Kunen-an residence was originally owned by a wealthy business man in the early 1900s,


  • and gets it’s name from the fact that it took 9 years to build the majestic garden


  • that draws visitors, even to this day.


  • Now, Saga Prefecture owns and preserves the land, citing it an important cultural asset

    この庭園の今は、佐賀県を代表する文化的財産として 考えられています。

  • to Saga Prefecture.

    訪れている観光客が庭園を回りながら、 そこにある別荘に覗くこともできます。

  • Visitors are welcome to roam the garden of the residence, and take a look inside the


  • traditional structure, admiring the sturdy construction of the straw thatched roof, the


  • mud walls, and the bamboo lattices.

    この庭園がよく保存されていて、散歩している間に、 タイムマシーンに乗った気分になります。

  • All while enjoying the rich natural colours of the autumn garden.

    過去に戻った気がするっていうか、映画の舞台にいる って気がするっていうか・・・

  • The site is so well preserved that walking through it, you almost feel as if youve


  • been transported back in time, or youre on a movie set of some kind.

    「紅葉を見る」という習慣が平安時代 に始まったそうです。

  • Either way, it feels absolutely surreal to be there in person.


  • The tradition of autumn leaf viewing dates back to the Heian period, over 1000 years

    ですが、今は、カップルや家族、 老若男女に楽しまれています。

  • ago, when the nobles would go on excursions to the mountains, and gather coloured leaves.

    この季節によく、秋の祭りや、 お祭りの食べ物が出たりします。

  • Now, autumn leaf viewing is an event enjoyed by families, friends, and couples, with popular


  • sites often holding fall festivals to coincide with the changing colours.

    神社周りに色づかせている葉っぱが、 神々しい雰囲気を漂わせています。

  • Shrines and temples are often popular places to visit as well, the beautiful nature is

    実はカナダに住んでいた時は、 あんまり紅葉の美しさに気づかなかったんです。

  • often interpreted as a sign that the gods at the shrine are showing their presence.


  • I always took the autumn leaves for granted when I lived in Canada, funny considering


  • our flag is the red maple leaf.

    そのおかげで、外国人の私が自分の国が 恵まれた大自然を新たな目でみるようになりました。

  • One of the things I love about Japan is their sensitivity to the changing seasons, and their

    秋に紅葉の、もう一つの楽しみ方は、 夜のライトアップです。

  • appreciation for nature.


  • Learning to appreciate nature’s beauty helped me recognise the natural beauty in my home


  • country as well.


  • Another popular way to enjoy the changing autumn leaves in Japan, is by illumination

    ロウソクを買って、家族の安全などを祈ることが できます。

  • after dark.


  • During the peak color-changing season, some shrines and temples will light up the autumn


  • leaves, creating allowing them to glow vividly against the night sky.


  • We decided to visit Daikouzenji, in Saga Prefecture, a shrine where visitors can light spiritual


  • candles and pray for safety of their home and loved ones.


  • Daikouzenji is built on a hill, making it a prime spot for autumn leaf viewing.


  • It’s also home to a luscious botanical garden, all of which is illuminated by bright lights

    実は、とても安いです!うまくタイミングを 合わせば、この時期でしかみれない、美しい日本

  • after sundown, creating a romantic and whimsical atmosphere that’s very popular with couples.

    の姿が発見できますので、 来年の予定に、秋の紅葉をどうぞ!

  • A popular fall festival dish, and one I wholeheartedly recommend, is zenzai.

  • A sweet red bean soup, with chewy balls of mochi rice cake

  • in it.

  • Fall is not a busy season for tourism in Japan, so flights are usually much cheaper during

  • this time of year, but if you time your trip right, you will be rewarded with some of the

  • most gorgeous scenery Japan has to offer.

Just as how the Japanese enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in the spring, the changing colour


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