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  • Hey, this is kind of like a part two video


  • I mean you don't have to have seen the part 1 video to understand what I talk about in this video


  • But I mean if you haven't watched part one, uh, you should.


  • So I used to work at Subway and to be honest about 80% of the customers were fine


  • Sometimes they would do something that would just personally annoy me


  • like ask for a meatball on flatbread


  • so don't feel too bad for me


  • like sometimes people would ask me,"Can I have a turkey with lettuce, tomatoes--"

    "七面鳥にレタスとトマトを添えてもいいですか?" と聞かれることがあるように

  • Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Slow down, what kind of bread, foot-long or six-inch. What kind of cheese? Is it toasted?


  • Then we'll talk about vegetables!


  • and every time someone brought in a list there would always be something missing on it. Always!


  • I never had someone come in with a complete list


  • I would ask someone,"what kind of cheese?" and they would say," ah, they didn't specify."

    誰かに "何のチーズ?"って聞いたら "ああ、指定されてないんだ "って言われたわ。

  • Well then if they didn't care enough to remember cheese, I guess they'll get swiss.


  • If anyone watching is currently working at a Subway then feel free to use these tricks.


  • if someone asked me, "Hmm, what kind of cheese do you recommend?" I would always say provolone

    もし誰かに「うーん、どんなチーズがお勧め? 」と聞かれたら私はいつもプロヴォローネと言うわ

  • because it's the easiest cheese to pull apart with gloves on.


  • Really if anyone asked me what I recommended I would just tell them the easiest thing for me to do.


  • But even after I gave my insightful provolone cheese recommendation,


  • sometimes people would still say, "Hmm, I'll take American."

    たまにはまだ "うーん、アメリカンでいいかな "と言われることもあります。

  • Why do you even ask me what cheese I would recommend If you're not gonna take it seriously!


  • Another thing that would annoy me is when people would say the sandwich was "all done"

    もう一つ、私を困らせるのは、人々がサンドイッチを "すべて終わった "と言うときです。

  • but they didn't put any sauce on it.


  • So I would ask, "Any sauce?" and then they would be like, "Oh yeah, mayonnaise."

    "ソースは?"って聞いたら "マヨネーズは?"って言われたわ

  • Oh! Why did you tell me it was all done if it wasn't!


  • Also, the receipt machine at the store took like seven seconds to print out the receipt


  • So it would be very awkward every time when I ask people, "Do you want your receipt?"


  • and then they would say, "Yes." and then we would just stare... at each other... until... the receipt printed.

    そして、彼らは「はい」と言った そして、私たちはただ見つめ合っていた...お互いに...レシートが印刷されるまで

  • So what I did every time someone swiped their credit card I would just stare off into space


  • and in my head, I would count to five and then I would ask, "Do you want your receipt?"

    頭の中で5つ数えると "領収書が欲しいか?"と聞いていた

  • and by the time they said yes, it was like magic! As soon as they said yes, bshhh, the receipt printed.


  • At Subway, you only work with one other person.


  • So if someone got annoyed and said, "Let me talk to your manager."

    だからもし誰かがイライラして "あなたのマネージャーと話をさせてください "って言ったら

  • I would just look at them and go, "Listen, I've been here the longest.


  • The only other person in this store is a 16-year-old girl and she technically isn't old enough to use the toaster.


  • So, I'm probably your best bet and I'm the manager."


  • Like do people think the manager will automatically take their side and give them free stuff?


  • Yes, actually they do think that because it happens all the time.


  • I would consider myself a pretty laid-back Subway employee. I didn't like to be stingy with people


  • even though I was disobeying the Subway formula on purpose.


  • Oh, you want more than six olives on your foot-long? Pff, sure! Have a fifth slice of cheese!


  • A dollar fifty for avocado? Pff, I'll charge you seventy-five cents buddy!


  • I probably shouldn't be saying these things, you know. In case this whole YouTube thing flops and I need a job.


  • So I wasn't really "strict" on the rules. You know those fast food workers who are strict, "No! We won't serve breakfast at 10:02! Get out!"


  • But being pretty laid back still didn't stop people from being annoying.


  • So this one person comes in and asks for two, foot-long, pastrami sandwiches

    ある人が入ってきて パストラミサンドを2つ頼みました

  • and pastrami is our most expensive sandwich. It's about $10 for a foot-long


  • and guys, the pastrami is super good, but I wouldn't pay for it. I mean it's good, yeah, but I'm not paying $10 for a foot-long.

    パストラミは超うまいけど お金は払わないわ美味しいけど 1フィートロングに10ドルも払わないよ

  • It's not worth it. So this guy, I make his two sandwiches. I ring them up and I say, "that'll be $20."


  • and I guess he didn't look at the price of the sandwich on the menu or he thought we still did the $5 foot-longs


  • because he said to me, "I ain't paying for that." and this is when I was just starting out.


  • I only had like, a week of experience and after he said that I responded,


  • "Well, shoot, I guess you're not paying for it, I didn't know people could do that."


  • "Hey, I want this!" "Alright, that's $20" "Nah." "You don't want it?" " No I want it, I'm just not paying for it."

    "おい、これが欲しいんだ!""よし、20ドルだ" "いやだ""いらないの?""いや、欲しいけど払わないから"

  • Ok no, but actually we did come up with a compromise. He told me he had $12, so he ended up paying for one of the sandwiches


  • and I got to eat the other one. So it all worked out.


  • So one time I was making a sandwich for a guy with a very heavy accent and he asks for onions on the side.


  • No big deal we at Sooubway put vegetables in little cups all the time.


  • I actually got a soup cup because the on the side cups are teeny-tiny and I started doing my thing.


  • But then he says, "No! On the side." and I think, " Oh! He's getting a foot-long! He probably wants onions on half of it but not the other


  • So I start putting onions on half the sub, but then again he says, "No! On the side!"

    サブの半分に玉ねぎを入れ始めたんですが、またしても "ダメだ!"と言われてしまいました。

  • At this point, I don't know what this guy wants. So I ask him, "On the side of what?" and then he screams,"ONIONS!"

    この時点では、こいつが何をしたいのかわからない。それで彼に "何の側で?"と聞いたら "タマネギ!"と叫んだ

  • and I never figured out what he was trying to say.


  • This one old gentleman asks for sauce to be put on his vegetables and normally we put it on top of the sandwich with the meat


  • and I didn't know if I heard him correctly because I put the sauce on and closed the sandwich.


  • So your sauce would've been in the same order either way! One time, this woman tipped me and Correy $40.


  • She wasn't annoying I just wanted to sprinkle in some good customer stories.


  • Ok one time, this, uh, native American person came in and, I don't know if mentioning that was important to the story.


  • He comes in and asks for five foot-long Tunas. Ok Tyler, just me and you lets do this!


  • and then when we're all finished, we ring them up and we say, "Anything else?"

    終わったら電話をかけて "他に何かあるか?"と言うんだ

  • and he says, "seven meatballs" What!? He wanted seven more sandwiches!

    "ミートボール7個 "って言ってたわ!彼はもっと7つのサンドイッチを望んでいた!

  • But James, you're Sooubway! You're supposed to make people sandwiches regardless of how many they ask for.

    でもジェームス、あなたはスースーウェイなのよ!人が何個頼んでも サンドイッチを作るんだぞ

  • Yeah I know, but the guy could've handled it differently.


  • Normally for a platter, you have to call in at least an hour ahead, and that's only five foot-longs.


  • This guy could've called ahead and said, "Hey, I'm getting twelve sandwiches so just, prepare yourselves... mentally."

    この男は先に電話して言ったかもしれない "おい サンドウィッチを12個買ってくるから 覚悟してくれ... 精神的に"

  • I mean we had so many customers waiting in line. No, we didn't that's a lie it was only him. But still!

    たくさんのお客さんが並んでいたのよいいえ そんなことはありません 嘘です 彼だけでしたそれにしても!

  • This one woman, I was making her sandwich and for vegetables, she asked for extra lettuce.


  • So I put on a big handful, but then she asks for more. So I put more on, "more" I sprinkle some on,"MORE!"

    だから私は一握りの大きさにしたけど、彼女はもっと欲しいと言った。"もっと "と言って 振りかけたんだ "もっと "と

  • "Uh, I won't be able to close the sandwich with any more lettuce." and she says, "that's fine." "Alright, extra lettuce it is."

    "あー、これ以上のレタスでサンドイッチを閉じることはできません "と言うと、彼女は "それでいいです "と言う。"よし、追加のレタスだ"

  • So I ended up giving her an open sandwich with a mountain of lettuce.


  • You know we do salads, right?


  • When I was little, I always thought if I was working at a store and someone tried to rob me, I wouldn't give them any money.


  • But now it's like, "Pshh, I ain't risking my life for Sooubway! Here take the cash register!"


  • So thankfully I've never had someone pull a gun on me, but I have caught people stealing from us


  • I was making someone's sandwich and this one kid asks for just a water cup.


  • So I gave it to him. So I go back to making a sandwich and I just hear the fuzzy soda sounds being dispensed


  • and I look over, and the kid is putting soda in the cup! He didn't even try to hide it!


  • When I put soda in a water cup I at least wait for the employees to go in the back.


  • But, I didn't even say anything. I was just like, "alright man"

    でも、私は何も言わなかった。俺はただ "大丈夫だよ "って感じだった

  • This guy, I totally saw him take a bag of chips and he hid it under the counter so I couldn't see.


  • So when I rang up his sandwich I asked, "Anything else?" and he said, "Nope."

    彼のサンドウィッチに電話した時に "他に何か?"と聞いたら "ない "と言われました

  • Alright, whatever. Ok, last story. I was in the back playing some Clash of Clans


  • and we have a computer that shows what the cameras see, and I see this woman who was eating there

    カメラに映っているものを コンピュータで見ることができます そこで食事をしていた女性を見ています

  • she reached over the counter and took three large cups and I did nothing to stop it.


  • You know, I'm the kind of person that's like, "The fast food employee is always right." Say if I was eating somewhere

    私は「ファーストフードの従業員はいつも正しい」と 思うタイプの人間なの私がどこかで食事をしていたら

  • and I ask for a chicken salad and they said,"We only have tuna salad." I'm the kind of person that's like,

    チキンサラダを頼んだら "ツナサラダしかない "と言われました私はそういう人間なんです

  • Oh, well I guess I'm having the tuna salad then.


  • I think people need to realize that these fast food workers are actually people and not something for you to use to get a free sandwich.


  • I did mean it when I said in the last video that everyone at some point should work in a fast food or retail job.

    私が最後のビデオで言ったとき、私はそれを意味していた 誰もがいくつかの点でファーストフードや小売の仕事で働くべきであることを言った。

  • It's--just-it's nuts! Ok, we're done.


  • Look she's actually putting six olives on a foot-long. One of them even fell off!


Hey, this is kind of like a part two video


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