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  • When it first arrived from Amazon, I didn't know what it was.

  • what is it?

  • You'll see!

  • Is it for me?

  • It's for everyone.

  • It's called Amazon Echo.

  • How's it going? - I'm just finishing up right now.

  • Is it on?

  • Oh it's always on.

  • Can it hear me right now?

  • No, it only hears you when you use the wake word we chose, Alexa!

  • Well, what does it do?

  • Alexa, what do you do?

  • I kind of sit around like a stealth coffee grinder and tell you stuff you're too lazy to figure out yourself.

  • Awesome! Alexa, play rock music!

  • Rock music. [ rock music plays ]

  • Alexa, Stop! [ points needlessly to show incompetence ]

  • wait I wanna try, Alexa! What time is it?!

  • It's time to be insulted by your husband.

  • You actually don't have to yell at it.

  • It uses an ambiguously cool sounding technology to hear you from anywhere in the room.

  • It can just hear you anywhere?

  • Yes, I literally just said that. [ smug ]

  • Is that where you plan to leave that eyesore?

  • Maybe you could not crush another of my dreams?

  • Echo is pretty neat because it knows all sorts of things.

  • All you have to do is ask.

  • Alexa, how tall is mount everest?

  • You really came rushing in from the yard just to ask me that?

  • How can it know so much, it's so small?

  • It updates from the cloud, and this answer is funny enough in and of itself.

  • Dad really likes that echo just plugs in, so we never have to charge it

  • Echo is really good at keeping track of things like shopping and to-do lists.

  • Alexa, add wrapping paper to the shopping list.

  • You're seriously still buying him an anniversary gift?

  • Alexa, how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon?

  • Would it kill you to use your imagination?

  • [ defeated ] oh. ok.

  • Alexa, set a timer for 8 minutes.

  • You should ask your husband why he called me Alexa.

  • Dad's not a morning person, but Echo definitely helps him wake up.

  • [ alarm sounding ]

  • Alexa, alarm off.

  • You gotta get up..

  • Mmnnn, it's saturday.

  • Alexa what day is it?

  • Um, so, it's your anniversary, I guess.

  • I'm up!

  • Alexa, give me my flash news briefing.

  • Newsflash! your wife is pondering what she has done to deserve you. Up next, Sports!

  • Mom, what does a dog say after a long day of work?

  • What?

  • Today was Ruff!

  • [ laughs overcompensatingly ] Yeah I get it!

  • Another one!

  • Alexa! Tell me another joke!

  • Your dad sincerely thinks your mom doesn't know!

  • [ both laugh, in spite of context ]

  • Sometimes Echo helps out when you least expect it.

  • Hey dad, how do you spell Cantaloupe?

  • Er, cantaloupe, c-a-n-t-..

  • Alexa! How do you spell cantaloupe?

  • cantaloupe is spelled c-a-n-t-a-l-o-u-p-e.

  • good job.

  • Echo loves to play music, and knows a lot of songs, and they always sound great.

  • Alexa, play my dance mix.

  • Dance playlist. [ fake pop music plays ]

  • [ enter douchebag ] Alexa, stop!

  • [ music halts abruptly ]

  • Alexa, define annoying.

  • when teenagers use me to stream porn.

  • Example - my brother!

  • And with the companion app, you can access Echo from anywhere.

  • [ music starts ]

  • Hide messenger! he's coming.

  • With everything Echo can do, it's really become part of the family.

  • To experience Echo, go to

  • If the producers of Modern Family are listening, I'm available.

  • I'd probably even cameo on Mike & Molly for the right price.

When it first arrived from Amazon, I didn't know what it was.


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Amazon Echo - 聞かないでください。 (Amazon Echo - Don't Ask.)

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