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- Hi, I'm Jen.
- Hi, I'm Saf.
- [Jen] We're working out of the New York office
for a few days, and we both are interested in pizza.
- And we're both from Chicago.
- I forgot to say that.
I'm also from the suburbs.
- That's okay. - [Jen] Okay.
- But we both have really strong opinions about pizza,
so we're gonna do a New York pizza taste test.
- [Jen] Which is really just
Chicagoans complain about pizza in New York.
- It's ladylike.
- And we're gonna eat some fucking pizza.
- [Jen] Come on, let's go!
(upbeat music)
- We don't really know much about New York,
but Freddie lived in New York for a long time.
- Yeah, and so she's gonna tell us
three different pizza places that we should check out
to get a real taste of New York pizza.
- Yeah, she's also back in the L.A. office
so we gotta go Skype her.
- Yeah, but it's light where she is,
where it's dark here.
- Alright, calling Freddie.
- We're gonna call Freddie.
- Hi Freddie.
- Hi Freddie.
- Hey ladies.
- What's up?
- This is it.
- This is the premise,
we want to taste some good, good, good, New York pizza.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- What makes New York pizza good, Freddie,
in your opinion?
- I think what makes New York pizza good is just like
- Thanks Fred.
- Thanks boo.
- Thanks for your advice.
- We're at 2 Brothers Pizza or 2 Bros Pizza.
We're gonna go get some pizza and see how it is.
It's a dollar per slice man.
I respect one dollar slice.
- Cheese. - Cheese.
- [Saf] These look really bomb to be honest.
- Cheers.
- Oh you're folding it?
Okay, I'm folding it too.
- Alright. - Folding it too.
It's piping hot.
- Yeah, I will say this pizza is very much,
kind of like toast.
- It's kind of like a crispy toast
with like some tomato sauce,
and like really good cheese.
- Because it's thin crust, it's much less doughy.
- For a dollar, I'll approve this.
I will lady approve your pizza for one dollar.
- Yeah that's dope.
- [Saf] No, Jen!
I'm gonna throw it out.
- Why does she run like that?
- There's an artichoke on the sign.
- [Saf] When you are eating pizza,
what are you looking for?
- [Jen] I like to be able to taste like a lot of cheese,
and the sauce.
- [Saf] The sauce is so important.
- [Jen] Oh yeah.
- [Saf] Tomato sauce is so important.
Tomatoes are amazing.
- So this is the artichoke pizza from Artichoke Pizza.
- Yeah.
We should point out, look how thick this pizza is.
- Whoa.
- That is a pizza pie.
Emphasis on the pie.
- This kinda tastes like a chicken pot pie to me.
A really good chicken pot pie.
- Absolutely.
- With like delicious crust.
- The last place we pretty much gobbled it down.
I don't think I can finish this.
- It's very filling.
- It's still really good.
As a pizza, we're traditionalists.
As a pie, I think it's lady approved.
Yeah, listen if you want something different and new,
try homosexuality, but also this pizza.
- [Camera Man] So far, how's it comparing to Chicago pizza?
- It's very different than Chicago style pizza,
but I say, like, I understand why people in New York are
really loyal to their pizza. - Yeah.
- Because it does have a certain character.
- Fun.
- Yeah.
- And you can stand, it's portable, it's cheap,
it's on the go.
That's the thing.
Chicago pizza is like with your family,
sitting down, like eating.
- Yeah, fork and knife.
You get that shit in a big box,
and the reason for that is it's heavy as hell.
Where are we going next?
- We're going to the Famous Ben's Pizzeria.
Now this is recommended by no one else but Freddie.
- Freddie.
- So this is Freddie's choice.
- Alright, let's go.
- I think this way.
No, don't go that way.
- [Saf] I mean this looks more like a Chicago pizza
than we've seen so far.
- Yeah, it looks like there's a lot more sauce,
and cheese on this pizza, than there were
on the previous pizzas.
- Definitely sauce, and definitely more crust.
- Thick, bready crust.
- It's got some girth to it.
- The funny thing is, I wasn't even really hungry
at all when we got here.
- No.
- But I wanna eat this whole thing.
- You can taste the cheese,
and then you can also taste the tomato,
and spices in the sauce.
- The sauce is really tangy.
- Yeah.
- And that's really good.
Like my-
- Oh it's a Wheaten Terrier.
I'm sorry, could I pet your dog?
- [Dog Walker] Yeah sure.
- Oh my gosh, hi baby.
The fact that this pizza kind of reminds me of home
is really good, and there was a Wheaten Terrier here,
means that this is the greatest pizza place in the world.
This is the most amazing pizza place.
- Better than Lou Malnati's?
You can't say that Jen.
- No.
- But, it's-
- This is the best pizza place in New York City.
- Okay, let's go with that.
That was a pizza adventure.
- That was a pizza feasta.
- There we go. - Yeah.
- Nailed it.
All three places were good.
I definitely think, like, we didn't come across
a bad slice tonight.
To me, the best one was the last one.
- For sure.
The artichoke pizza was like a specialty pizza, interesting.
I liked it, it was just like so, it was like a pie.
- It was really rich, and I think you just sort of,
- Yeah.
- We feel like very very heavy afterwards.
- [Saf] But I will say that
the 2 Bros one dollar slice that, like,
New York style on the go was also really really good.
So to me it's a little bit of a toss up.
We're Chicago girls so I think like Ben's has to have it.
- But truthfully, like comparing New York style pizza
and Chicago deep dish, is like,
you can't really do it. - No.
- You've just gotta try them both,
and then just like enjoy them both.
- And try not to anger any one side too much.
- Yeah, everyone from New York, please don't yell at us,
and everyone from Chicago, what's up?
- Hey what's up?
(cheerful music)


Chicagoans Try New York Pizza For The First Time

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