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Over in the United States, anti-trump protests have went on for the fourth straight day at
numerous cities including L.A, New York City, and Portland.
Police reportedly apprehended more than 200 people since Wednesday.
A nation divided... in terms of accepting the result of their presidential election.
Kim Jung-soo takes a closer look.
Since his election on November 8th, President-elect Donald Trump has announced some adjustments
to some of his more controversial policies... such as the repeal of Obamacare, building
a wall along the Mexican border, as well as banning Muslims from entering the country.
He's also promised to make sure his future cabinet reflects the voice of the country.
But it appears that's not enough for some Americans, who have yet to accept the results
of the election... as anti-Trump protests continued well into the weekend.
According to the New York Times, protests have erupted in 37 cities since Wednesday,
with a few rallies even resulting in violent confrontations with the police.
And according to the Associated Press, as of Saturday, law enforcement across the nation
have arrested 225 people, including 185 in Los Angeles, and 25 in Portland.
8-thousand people took to the streets of LA on Saturday local-time to voice their opposition
to President-elect Trump, according to the LA Times.
"I think what protests like this can do is send a message to others in the country who
are upset with this new president and also internationally, that Americans don't support
his racist, sexist agenda."
"I'm an immigrant.
I came to this country from South Africa.
I've seen what a police state does.
This is like a heartbreak of the American Dream for me."
In New York City, a crowd of at least 2-thousand people marched along 5th Avenue, stopping
just short of Trump Tower, according to NBC News.
Renowned left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore - who was among the crowd - attempted
to secure a surprise meeting with the president-elect, but was stopped by security personnel.
Meanwhile in Portland, Oregon, an anti-Trump rally that began Friday night turned violent
early Saturday morning according to the Washington Post.
One protester was subdued by a gunshot to his leg, and four people were arrested.
Kim Jung-soo, Arirang News.


Anti-Trump Protests continue in 37 cities for fourth straight day

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