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We've heard a lot from a lot of people about this election so far.
We've heard from pundits, surrogates, experts and anchors,
but we haven't yet heard from kids.
So this afternoon, we went on the street just outside our theatre
to ask children to give us their thoughts on our next president Donald J. Trump.
You know there was an election a couple of days ago, right?
Do you know who won?
Donald Trump.
How does Donald Trump make you feel?
Kind of iffy...
Iffy? Now why's that?
I don't know...He's really rude.
How does that make you feel that Donald J. Trump is your president?
Oh God...Not really comfortable. But, I mean, the world keeps moving on.
When he became the president, what was the face that you made?
I made an angry face.
Let me see.
Do you like Donald Trump?
(Apparently not...)
So how would you describe Donald Trump?
I'll describe him as an idiot.
An Idiot? Yea.
How does that make you feel and why?
I don't really care cuz I'm Canadian, but I don't like him.
Are you worried that everybody's gonna come to Canada?
Kind of, but not Snoop Dogg. I want Snoop Dogg to come.
What job do you think he should do, Donald Trump?
Well, he should, uh, clean up the whole earth.
Clean up the whole earth? Yea.
He should be a plumber.
You think he should be a plumber. Why do you think that?
Cuz then he gets dirty and he has to clean the toilet.
If you have to say one nice thing about him, what would you say?
Oh, well...he's not the ugliest person in the world...
What does he look like?
He looks...wierd.
He does look like..a dope.
A dope? Yea.
Do an impression of Donald Trump.
I could stand in the middle of broadway and shoot somebody and I won't lose any voters.
I'm Donald Trump..and...I'm the best person in the world. And...Hillary Clinton sucks.
Can you do an impression of Donald Trump?
She's a nasty woman!
She's a nasty woman! (deep voice)
Is that Donald Trump?
Is Donald Trump gonna be good?
He's gonna be HUGE!
What do you think about Donald Trump?
A good guy.
Is he a good guy? Yea.
Do you like him? Yea.
Would you want him to be your babysitter?
Why not?
Because...I don't know.
You don't trust him? No.
So, would you want Donald Trump to be your dad?
Of course not, he might murder my mom.
Alright, thanks kids!
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【ジミー・キンメル・ライブ!】アメリカの子供たちはドナルド・トランプが大統領になったことをどう思っているのか? (Children Speak Out About Donald Trump)

38929 タグ追加 保存
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