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  • I'm Julia, and I'm 17.

  • My parents are from Argentina,

  • and I've grown up in Manhattan my whole life

  • and go to school in the Bronx.

  • I think a lot of high schools

  • are trying to get their students

  • into the best colleges.

  • And because the way students are being measured

  • is through numbers that are so harsh,

  • I think public schools are killing creativity.

  • They're quantifying students.

  • Students are only given an incentive

  • to learn for a good grade,

  • but nothing more.

  • I probably just skim the surface

  • just to pass exams a lot of the time.

  • 'Cause what you hear mostly in the hallways

  • are what projects are due,

  • what grades you got,

  • how you're going to fit it all in your day.

  • And, in class, half the students have their head down sleeping

  • because they've been up all night

  • trying to study for their exams.

  • The only support we really get

  • is from our guidance counselors

  • about which college to apply to,

  • what classes to take.

  • "You need an AP science if you want to go to nahdahdah."

  • But that's not me.

  • I'm very, very much engaged in art history

  • and 'mic/mac', which is micro/macroeconomics.

  • Both the teachers are extremely intelligent,

  • and they like to talk about what they know about the subject.

  • My 'mic/mac' teacher, he sits at his desk,

  • and he gives not only all his opinions,

  • but all the videos he's watched,

  • all the articles he's read,

  • everything that's going on right now

  • that's somehow related,

  • and pulls everything out of the air

  • and brings it all in to the topic that we're talking about,

  • which will not be tested on

  • but makes the topic something real.

  • I never imagined myself to enjoy economics.

  • The best way I learn is in an actual, hands-on experience,

  • something that can bring me out of the classroom.

  • I think the best kind of education

  • is one that teaches you how to speak

  • and think for yourself.

  • That's much more valuable

  • than just passing your exams.

I'm Julia, and I'm 17.


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